Writer For Major Conservative Publication Hopes Democrats Win Back House In 2014

American Conservative Columnist Endorses Democrats To Win Back House From Republicans in 2014

In a twist that is becoming more common by the day, American Conservative contributor, Rod Dreher, says that Democrats need to take back the House in 2014. Image: wildhunt.org

The government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis are now over. At least for the time being. But Republicans are paying a heavy price for taking the country to the brink of disaster. According to the most recent NBC/WSJ poll, Americans want Democrats to control the House of Representatives by an eight point margin. 47 percent support Democrats winning back the House in 2014, while only 39 percent want Republicans to remain in charge. The eight point spread represents a five point increase from earlier this year. Democrats in red states are seeing an increase in donations. Furthermore, voters in multiple GOP-held districts are supporting the generic Democrat over the incumbent Republican. The news is simply not good for the Republican Party and it just got worse. A columnist for The American Conservative now supports Democrats to take control of the House in 2014 “so we can be rid of these nuts… and let Washington get back to the business of governing.”

The American Conservative hopes Democrats take back the House from loony Republicans.

In a column titled “The Strangelove Republicans,” conservative columnist Rod Dreher roundly criticized the Republican Party for insanely holding America hostage. He also blasted them for singing Amazing Grace while the country faced destruction at their own hands:

“Maybe there won’t be a long-term fallout from this, but I tell you, it’s very hard to see entrusting power to a party that behaves this way, that manufactures crises like this for its own short-term political gain,” Dreher wrote. “The Republicans, having lost their mind, have destroyed their brand… They cause this looming disaster — which, make no mistake, would be a global disaster — and then stand there singing a freaking hymn amid the ruins of their party, and the potential crash of our economy! Raving loonies, the lot.”

Dreher then quotes Business Insider contributor Josh Barro, who asks us to imagine “if Republicans controlled both houses of Congress right now? Or if we had a President whose administration gets jerked around by Heritage Action in the same way that House Republicans do? It would be a trainwreck,” Barro assured before stating:

“There is no serious argument for Republican governance right now, even if you prefer conservative policies over liberal ones,” Barro concludes. “These people are just too dangerously incompetent to be trusted with power.”

And, both men couldn’t be more right. Republicans planned the shutdown and a debt ceiling breach for months as a last ditch desperation effort to kill the Affordable Care Act. After failing to repeal it over 40 times, they decided on a kamikaze strategy that has cost the American people $24 billion in three weeks and has weakened our world reputation. And yet, they STILL intend to put the country through this again in January and February. This insanity is precisely why Dreher dropped this bombshell on the GOP.

“I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I hope the House flips to the Democrats in 2014, so we can be rid of these nuts,” he wrote. “Let Ted Cruz sit in the Senate stewing in his precious bodily fluids, and let Washington get back to the business of governing.”

House Republicans need to be replaced with Democrats as punishment for harming the country.

Indeed, Congress does need to get back to the fundamental reason why it exists: to govern. It is impossible for a legislative body to govern when the minority party decides to engage in a seditious conspiracy to force the majority to give in to their demands. Democrats, after all, do control two-thirds of the government. If Republicans want their own way, they should make their case and win an election. But the GOP strategy harms the government, the economy, and the American people in the name of political gain.

The only way to guarantee the end of this craziness is to vote for Democrats in 2014. Yes, it’s an mid-term election. Yes, President Obama won’t be on the ballot. But that’s no excuse to stay home next year. The reason we have the threat of shutdowns and debt ceiling breaches hanging over our heads is because people didn’t come out to vote in 2010. That election handed Republicans the House and paved the way for right-wing extremism to be in a position to try drowning our democracy in a bathtub.

144 House Republicans and 18 Senate Republicans insanely voted against ending the shutdown.

144 House Republicans voted AGAINST ending the government shutdown. 144 House Republicans WANTED America to undergo a debt ceiling default. And those 144 Republicans should all be ousted from political office permanently. In the Senate, 18 Republicans voted to continue the shutdown and crash the economy. There is no place in government for politicians who want to destroy it and put the people at risk. And that’s exactly what will happen repeatedly if people don’t show up to vote in 2014. As The American Conservative pointed out, Republicans are too insane to be allowed to govern. But NOT kicking them out of office would be even crazier.