Business Goes To War Against The Tea Party It Helped Finance

Tea Party

When Tea Party Republicans were ready to let the nation default on its debts, business groups went into shock with the realization that they bankrolled it. – David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Star

When Tea Party Republicans were ready to let the nation default on its debts, business groups went into shock. After all, it was THEIR interests that were suddenly threatened by Congressmen whom they helped fund. Economic collapse at a worldwide level was the expected outcome of a default. Yet the American Banking Association and groups like it had given thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Sen. Ted Cruz and his cronies.

Business interests look for a strategy against the Tea Party.

Now that default has been avoided, business interests are trying to shake the cobwebs out of their collective heads. They’re not just getting angry; they’re ready to wage a war. Monied interests are looking for a winning strategy to get the Republican Party back from the monster they created.

According to Bloomberg News, Scott Reed, political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said, “We are going to get engaged.” They need to “elect people who understand the free market and not silliness.” The Chamber was a huge donor in 2012 to candidates it now sees as embracing ‘silliness’.

Big business thinks its best strategy is to act like, well, the Tea Party. That means becoming grassroots activists. According to Alex Roarty of the National Journal, more “moderate” local business leaders need to “run for office themselves.” Business interests must urge this to happen, without seeming like part of a nationally devised plot.

The Tea Party targets other Republicans.

The Tea Party doesn’t seem to care about the affections of the business community. They’re on a holy mission. In the 2014 election, they’re targeting Republican incumbents who voted to end the fiscal standoff by funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. By targeting old hands like Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in the primaries, they expect easy Tea Party wins over Democrats in next year’s general election.

David French is a lobbyist for the National Retail Federation. He questions the Tea Party strategy. In his opinion, targeting other Republicans will mean “more Senate minorities in the future”. He added, “I question the judgment there”.

Meanwhile, Democrats are enjoying the sight from the sidelines. Their candidates are picking up steam. Southern Democrats made a strong showing in third-quarter fundraising. They out-raised their Republican counterparts in almost every case. Confidence is rising that the Tea Party will do the dirty work of discrediting their fellow Republicans in the primaries. Democrats will then have an easier time of winning the election come next November.

To all appearances, the Tea Party’s ‘suicide caucus’ and the more moderate ‘surrender caucus’ will spend the entire next year fighting it out for control of their party. With the business lobby spurring the conflict on, it’s anyone’s guess whether any part of the GOP will still be standing by the end of 2014.