A Piece Of Candy Every Day For Every American For Over A Year: The Cost Of The Shutdown In Halloween Candy

Wanna see something really scary? $24 Billion could have bought 571 pieces of Halloween candy for every American.

The US government shutdown cost $24 Billion. That’s 171,428,571,425 pieces of Halloween candy. Or 571 pieces of candy for every American. Thanks, Ted Cruz. $24 Billion Shutdown Costs – In Pieces Of Halloween Candy meme by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info.

$24,000,000,000. $24 billion. That’s a big number. It’s even bigger when you think of the dollar sign in front of it. But that’s how much the Tea Party, led by Canadian-born Senator Raphael “Ted” Cruz, cost the American people when they shut down the government. Think of all that we could have done with that money. All. That. Money.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to understand just how much $24 Billion really is, especially when we hear big numbers like that floating around in politics all the time. So with Halloween (and Halloween candy) just around the corner, let’s put that number into a visual even the kids can understand: CANDY!

Just how much Halloween candy could $24 Billion have bought?

Just how much Halloween candy could $24 Billion have bought? Depends on what kind you want. In my area, a regular sized chocolate bar sells for about a dollar. That means 24,000,000,000 chocolate bars. A “King-Size” candy bar sells for about $1.50. Twenty-four billion dollars could have bought 16,000,000,000 of them.

But what about those bags of Halloween candy that are sold in the store? In my area, they average about $3.50 for a bag containing about 25 pieces. Twenty-four billion dollars could have bought 6,857,142,857 bags filled with 171,428,571,425 pieces of candy. That’s enough to give every man, woman, and child (even Ted Cruz) 571 pieces of candy each! Talk about a Happy Halloween!

So what else could that $24 Billion bill have bought, besides Halloween candy?

So what else could that $24 Billion bills have bought, besides 571 pieces of Halloween Candy for each American? At the 2013 pay rate, that’s enough to pay the base pay of 1,118,943 Private First Class Army Soldiers for a year. It’s enough to pay the base pay over twenty years of over 30,000 soldiers. We could have paid for the school lunch program, which costs about $11 Billion a year, for over two years. At an average of about $20,000 per year to cover tuition plus expenses, we as a country could have paid a year of college for 1.2 Million students. And at its current funding, around $6 Billion a year, we could have funded the National Science Foundation for the next four years.

Instead, what did we do with that money? It was blown in just two weeks, gone down the black hole that is stubbornness and pride.

Fiscal responsibility, they say?