Fanatical Right Wing Preacher Seeking Office In Colorado (VIDEO)

Gordon 'Dr. Chaps' Klingenschmitt - Anti-Gay, Pro-Gun Preacher - Runs for Colorado House.

Gordon ‘Dr. Chaps’ Klingenschmitt Announces Bid For Seat In Colorado House. And get a load of this anti-gay, pro-gun psycho preacher’s campaign ad. Photo screen captured from Gordon For Colorado campaign video.

“Dr. Chaps,” aka psycho preacher Gordon Kingenschmitt, recently announced that he is running for a seat in the Colorado state legislature. As if Colorado didn’t have enough troubles with the recent flooding that wiped out vast areas of the state and the ongoing political chaos created by NRA gun rights nuts, this fanatical right wing preacher would bring a whole new element of crazy to the scene.

 Dr. Chaps and crosses for Colorado?

Dr. Chaps is a gun toting, gay hating former Navy Chaplain. who claims to be able to cast out demons. He released his first campaign ad in mid October. As guitar music gently strums some Christian hymn in the background, the camera settles down on the candidate in waiting. Dressed in his best Sunday suit, Dr. Chaps is seen standing in front of a row of crosses. Watching this campaign ad it’s obvious that this nut case has gone out of is his way to appear more like a ‘Godly’ preacher delivering a Sunday sermon, than an extreme  right wing fanatic who wants to start writing laws for the state of Colorado. Things are not always what they appear.

Here’s the video:


 Dr. Chaps claimed the US military had “anti-God agenda.”

Dr. Chaps might best be known for his wild antics during his tenure as Navy Chaplain.  He claimed the US military had an “anti-God” agenda, while under the leadership of the conservative Bush administration The former military preacher was reprimanded by a special Navy court for refusing to obey a commanding officer. He was openly condemned by a host of American service members, for leading a smear campaign full of flat out lies against the US Armed forces. He publicly maligned his superiors and in the end was convicted of failing to obey the orders of his commanding officer.

 Military chaplain condemns Dr. Chaps’ fanatical behavior.

Steve Dundas, best known as “Padre Steve,” a highly respected Navy Chaplain and Ordained Priest, has had much to say about Dr. Chaps insane ranting, since the pseudo preacher first began promoting himself as the voice of “true Christianity.” Dundas, a graduate of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is a Doctor of Ministry who also holds a Masters Degree in Military History. He has served in the US Navy for more than 30 years. Concerning Dr. Chaps charges claiming a US military anti-God agenda, in February of 2010 Dundas wrote the following :

“Plainly speaking Klingenschmitt has no honor. He is an expert at distortion of the facts, misusing scripture and character assassination. He has since his first days in the Navy sought to enforce his brand of Christianity on his shipmates, peers and superiors. He lodged complaints against every commanding office that he served under.” Dundas went out to say that  shipmates from USS Anzio told him both in person and in comments left on his web-site, that Dr.Chaps used “intimidation tactics and bullying on that ship.”

 Kill the gays and death to all enemies.

Dr. Chaps  claims to be able perform gay exorcisms and also claims that demons are the source of homosexuality. He prays publicly for the death of his enemies, using something he calls “imprecatory prayer.” As a preacher, Dr. Chaps tells Christians not to sell all they have and give to the poor, but to sell their clothing in order to buy more guns. He openly calls for the deaths of homosexuals. What’s more, he doesn’t just blame evil demons for people being gay, but blames them for everything that he personally does not like about the world.

 Does Colorado need to elect an anti-gay, pro-gun, psycho preacher?

Does Colorado need a psycho preacher spewing hate from the pulpit of its government? Does it need someone so fixated on enforcing religious dogma that he arrogantly tried to impose that Dogma on the entire US military? Does Colorado need a radical right-wing preacher who claims to be Christian but teaches his followers to do exactly the opposite of what Christ did? Does the state need to elect a glory seeking, self interested, nut case like Dr. Chaps?

 “A twisted and hateful campaign of self promotion.”

Hopefully Colorado voters won’t be drawn in by this crazy right-wing preacher. Instead they should listen to the saner voice of Dundas, who also wrote the following about Dr. Chaps in 2010:

“He may be a ‘D-lister’ but he serves an evil purpose and masquerades as a minister of light.  Klingenschmitt’s cause is not the redemption and reconciliation paramount in the Christian Gospel, but rather a twisted and hateful campaign of self promotion as he exalts not Jesus but himself and his political cause which he baptizes with Scripture verses.  This is not Waziristan and the Taliban and Al Qaeda are not in charge. Our founding fathers fought to prevent the United States from becoming a theocracy. While we cherish the role of religion in particular the Judeo-Christian tradition of this country we recognize that this is a pluralistic nation where no religion can impose its views simply because they believe that they are more correct than others and no-one including Gordon Klingenschmitt can issue a Fatwah stating otherwise.”