Paper Tiger Politics: Conservative Pundit Admits Republicans Lie About Everything (VIDEO)


Did right-wing pundit Ben Domenech just tell MSNBC’s Chris Hayes the GOP is built on a foundation of lies? Here’s a moment the liberal media missed. Photo from Ben Domenech’s facebook page.

This one’s a bit late in the telling, but still worth mentioning: Last week, Ben Domenech of The Heartland Institute, a right-wing think tank, appeared on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes to talk post-shutdown politics. In a moment of startling journalistic integrity, Chris Hayes, clearly annoyed after fending off the usual set of conservative talking points from Domenech, had this to say:

“These hucksters tell you things that are false. They lie to you. Ted Cruz lies to you. Heritage Action lies to you. Everybody lies to you. There is a whole cottage industry before the election to tell you, you are winning the election, they are losing. They tell you, your ideas are popular when they are not. They tell you your party is winning when it is not. They tell you the president is losing this and he looks terrible because people are storming the WWII memorial — At what point do grass roots conservatives stop allowing their leadership to lie to them?”

But the clock ran out before Chris Hayes could address an even more striking remark from Ben Domenech.

I’ve got to hand it to Hayes for taking Ben Domenech to task; the journalists who do are canaries in a coal mine, their career deaths a warning to the others to either turn back or tread lightly. Sadly, his question was asked in the relatively safe, final moments before commercial, failing to leave time for Domenech’s even more striking admission to be properly addressed.

“Well, I think that you have to keep in mind, the leadership lies to themselves, as well. They lie to themselves about their ability to control the situation. They lie to themselves about the ability to offer an alternative approach from the senate side that they could take it up by the house at the get-go. I think that essentially you are seeing a lot of people who are lying to each other about the nature of the policies and nature of the political strategy that they are employing.”

Did Ben Domenech just say the Republican party is built on a foundation of lies?

While Ben Domenech’s words are somewhat convoluted from a certain degree of backpedaling, their meaning their meaning should be quite clear. The Republican party is built on a foundation of lies, and they lie about everything, even when they don’t have to. As a party that defines themselves not by what they are for but what they are against, without their lies, the Republicans have nothing. Nearly every policy position they have put forward in recent decades has done massive damage to our economy and our prosperity. In addition, GOP-led policies have caused incalculable human suffering both here and abroad. Ben Domenech and other right wingers cannot ever admit to this, for to do so would seal their doom. This is why conservatives have shifted the debate away from ideas and over to facts in the public square; doing so allows them to maintain an appearance of being selfless and productive, while making sure their paper tiger politics still have teeth.

Ben Domenech’s remarks seem to have gone largely unnoticed in the liberal community. One can never predict what will go viral in the Digital Age, but I believe it’s safe to say that, regardless of the level of exposure this nugget of truth receives, this misstep will condemn him to a life of political obscurity from now on. After all, glitches in the Matrix cannot be tolerated, even minor ones. Rest assured, there’s a wide, shallow pool of conserva-clones waiting to take his place, and each one of them in turn will eventually become a glitch in the narrative. But as long as we keep track of these aberrations as they occur, and add them to the growing list of right-wingers caught in their own web of lies, we can, in time, pin the paper tiger to the wall.

Here’s the video with Chris Hayes and Ben Domenech on MSNBC.