Sarah Palin Thinks A Pregnant Diabetic Woman Passing Out Is ‘Hilarious’ (IMAGE)

Fainting-gate -- Sarah Palin tells facebook fans it's 'hilarious'

Sarah Palin finally weighs in on ‘fainting-gate’ via facebook. Why would this alleged pro-lifer find a diabetic, pregnant, fainting woman ‘hilarious?’ Photo from Sarah Palin’s facebook page.

When Karmel Allison nearly passed out during President Obama’s speech about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Monday, she was lucky that someone noticed. As a pregnant woman with type 1 diabetes, hitting the floor would have been a threat to the fetus growing inside of her. Thankfully, President Obama did notice and took action to prevent her from falling. But as soon as he did that, the right-wing charged that the whole thing had been a setup, and the “fainting-gate” conspiracy was born. Sarah Palin, who up until today had kept her mouth shut about the incident, thinks it’s funny that Allison fainted and nearly collapsed to the ground.

Sarah Palin finally weighs in on fainting-gate conspiracy.

On Thursday, Palin wrote a post on fainting-gate telling her supporters that she found it “hilarious” that a pregnant diabetic woman passed out during President Obama’s health care speech. She also added her name to the list of conspiracy-subscribing conservatives who believe the fainting was staged.

“Whether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious!” Palin wrote. “Am I out-of-bounds for cracking up when I saw this take on a nauseated Obama fan, her absentminded pal, and our President’s heroics this week? If so, penance paying I’ll accept. With the Obama White House’s total lack of transparency, it’s no wonder that some will ask whether they staged even a fainting lady in the Rose Garden. What was once a major leap in logic has become a single step because President Obama has lied so often and so blatantly (“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan” comes to mind!).”

This post from Sara Palin's facebook page has over 25K "Likes" and counting. What's wrong with these people.

Sara Palin’s “fainting-gate” facebook post — which makes fun of Karmel Allison fainting during Obama’s speech — has over 25K “Likes” and counting. What’s wrong with these people?

Sarah Palin is a hypocrite for laughing at Karmel Allison in her fainting-gate facebook post.

For someone who constantly claims she’s “pro-life” Palin is acting awfully hypocritical by openly laughing at a pregnant diabetic woman for passing out. If Karmel Allison had hit the floor, she could have lost her pregnancy. Would Palin think that’s “hilarious?” Palin went totally out-of-bounds by mocking Ms. Allison. It shouldn’t matter that she was an attendee at a speech given by President Obama, she’s a human being and should be treated as such. If President Obama had let her fall to the ground, conservatives would be crying foul and creating a conspiracy about it too.

The fact is, Allison is a diabetic and she is pregnant. Making fun of her for passing out is insensitive and mean. Sarah Palin is acting like a cruel high school girl who takes pleasure in the misfortune of others. She owes Ms. Allison an apology of epic proportions. Palin should know all too well that pregnant women can suffer from dizziness and fainting. After all, she’s been through five pregnancies herself. Palin should put herself in Allison’s shoes. If she had been the one passing out while pregnant, and a liberal had mocked her for it, she’d be disgusted by it.

Palin should be ashamed of herself and her post on fainting-gate.

Sarah Palin should be ashamed of herself for buying into the fainting-gate conspiracy theory. She should hang her head in shame for making fun of someone for having a medical issue. This is the same Sarah Palin who displayed anger after the television cartoon series ‘Family Guy’ made fun of Down Syndrome, which her son Trig has. So it doesn’t make sense that Palin would make fun of a fainting pregnant diabetic unless she is a complete hypocrite or just doesn’t have a heart. Or both.