Christian Hate Group Threatens To Sue US Military For Labeling Them A Hate Group


Bryan Fischer, ACA spokesman. Christian hate group threatens to Sue US military for labeling them a hate group.

AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer claims his anti-gay Christian hate group isn’t really a hate group, and he’s ready to sue the US military for calling them one.

The right-wing Christian hate group known as the American Family Association has threatened the US military for labeling them a hate group. Earlier this month, an army instructor at Camp Shelby in Mississippi gave a presentation to dozens of soldiers that named the AFA as a hate group. One of the soldiers, who is also an AFA supporter, reported the event to Fox News. Of course, the right-wing propaganda arm exploded with rage. So did AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer, who says the labeling is “libelous.” Now, Fischer has threatened to take legal action against the US military in response.

Christian hate group spokesman Bryan Fischer threatened to sue military for labeling his hate group… a hate group

Even though the AFA claims to support and love our armed forces, the organization has threatened to sue them for correctly identifying the Christian hate group as a hate group. In an interview with World Net Daily, Fischer claimed that President Obama is hostile towards Christians. He also had the audacity to claim that AFA really loves gay people. But first, he threatened the military.

“We are considering legal action, we think this is defamatory, it’s outrageous, it’s libelous. It’s not beyond the possibility that we would resort to some kind of legal action.”

The Christian hate group leader then mentioned President Obama and blamed him for the presentation at Camp Shelby.

“If the military wasn’t headed by a commander in chief who is hostile to Christian faith, these allegations would be laughed off every military base in the world.”

Fischer then made a laughable claim.

“The truth is that AFA doesn’t hate anyone. We love everybody. We love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about the moral, spiritual and physical dangers of homosexual conduct.”

Here’s the audio of the Christian hate group leader’s interview with World Net Daily via Right Wing Watch.

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The SPLC classifies the AFA as a hate group because of AFA’s hatred of gay people.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the AFA is a hate group and provides plenty of evidence to support the classification. The civil rights organization has also built a profile of Bryan Fischer and his rise as a leader of AFA. Included in the profile are many quotes by Fischer and a detailed report of his hatred of the LGBT community. So much for the AFA not being a Christian hate group.

The SPLC defines hate groups as those that “have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” Because AFA has relentlessly attacked the LGBT community with hate speech and false claims about homosexuality, the group was classified as a hate group in 2010. The decision to classify AFA as a hate group came around the same time that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was repealed. The repeal of DADT finally allowed gay people to openly serve in the armed forces. AFA was a major opponent of the repeal. That’s because AFA is a Christian hate group that believes in discrimination against LGBT people.

The military has wrongly decided not to label AFA a hate group.

Due to the whining of the right-wing, the Pentagon has decided that the Camp Shelby instructor was wrong to classify AFA as a hate group. Such a retreat makes no sense, when you consider the fact the FBI and other law enforcement agencies view the SPLC as a credible and helpful source on hate groups. Are the US armed forces seriously waving the white flag of surrender to right-wing Christian hate groups because of the threat of a lawsuit? Since when does the most powerful military force on Earth bow down to the demands of a harbinger of hate? Last time I checked, the commander-in-chief of the US Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines is the President, not Bryan Fischer. And the President opposes anti-gay hate in the military.

AFA claims that the military is attacking Christianity as a whole by labeling their Christian hate group a hate group. But that is not the case. AFA only represents a small and declining faction of Christians, and hardly represents all Christians. The AFA’s membership consists of 180,000 people. That’s out of over 300 million people who live in the United States, 77 percent of whom identify as Christian. 52 percent of Americans support legalizing same-sex marriage across the country.

The AFA supports the anti-gay crusade in Russia.

It’s also hypocritical for AFA to claim that they “love” gay people when they are cheerleading the brutal crusade against homosexuality in Russia. In August, Fischer praised the former communist nation for their hostile treatment of homosexuals. From violence against gay people, threatening to arrest homosexuals, banning them from adopting children, and threatening to take away the children of gay parents, AFA has backed Russia all the way. And they love what Russia is doing so much that they want the US to do the same thing. Wanting America to be like a tyrannical nation? That sounds like something the US armed forces would staunchly oppose, considering they’re supposed to be fighting for freedom, equality, and the US Constitution.

The AFA is a Christian hate group and the military should label it as such.

Make no mistake, the AFA is a hate group and the military shouldn’t tolerate hate in their ranks. AFA propaganda is poison and allowing such poison to run rampant among our men and women in uniform is dangerous, especially to our gay soldiers. The fact is, AFA clearly engages in hate speech as documented by the SPLC. And not just against gay people, but against Muslims, pro-choice supporters, and atheists as well. The AFA deserves to be classified as a hate group and the US armed forces should absolutely label the AFA as such.