Teens Don Zimmerman, Martin Halloween Costumes, Complete With Blood, Bullet Holes, Blackface

Youths Make Headlines With Blackface Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Costumes

Three youths are under fire for a blackface Halloween portrayal of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. It is no longer acceptable to be openly racist in America.

We should expect tasteless displays around this time of year. Each year we see people’s inner bigot come out. However, you’d think folks would show just a little class or even empathy when it comes to a dead kid, right? Wrong. Well, at least we are in this incident.

Youths portray Trayvon Martin in blackface.

As if it weren’t bad enough that people are going around in Trayvon Martin Halloween costumes, these despicable excuses for human beings actually portrayed him in blackface. And no, I am not making a mistake here. The one portraying “George” was wearing a shirt that said “Neighborhoo Watch” (Yes, with the “d” missing like that). It is very clear that they meant for anyone who saw this photo to know that they meant for people to think that they were Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

The individuals in question have been identified as William Filene and Greg Cimeno, according to The Global Grind. The young woman in question, whose Instagram this was posted all over (but is now conveniently private), is Caitlin Cimeno.

So, having fun being racists, eh? Guess it isn’t so much fun when you’re called on it. The blackface isn’t all, though. The guy portraying George Zimmerman was posing to shoot the one in blackface, and he there was blood all over “Trayvon,” as if he were bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Now, on what planet, and in whose world, is this funny? Trayvon Martin was a real person who lost his life due to racial profiling. And these racists are simply intensifying an already racially tense situation. Believe me, this has not died down, you clowns. Not one bit, and certainly nowhere near enough to be made a joke of (not that you should ever make a joke of someone’s death, racially motivated or otherwise).

You’re young, but you’ll learn. It is no longer acceptable to be openly racist. I don’t know who taught you that it was, but something tells me that you’re learning the hard way as we speak that it is not. Oh, and look up the history of blackface. White people wearing black makeup is never acceptable. Ever. For any reason.