Democrats Let Republicans Have It At Obamacare Hearing (VIDEO)

Rep. Bill Pascrell gives GOP A drubbing in Obamacare hearing.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) tore Rep. Tim Griffin and the GOP a new one over their rigid stance against Obamacare. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) tore Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) and the GOP a new one over their rigid stance on Obamacare.  He reminded them that the Democrats did not like President Bush’s new drug program. They had valid objections serious flaws in the program, including the “donut hole” issue, and not being able to negotiate drug prices. Democrats in the end helped make the program work.

The following exchange was beautiful to watch. One would hope more Democrats would get the spine to speak up as Bill Pascrell did. Americans need to see those that support the program have more passion than those who oppose it for no good reason.This program is essential as a pathway to real universal healthcare coverage.

If only more Democrats had a spine like Rep. Bill Pascrell.

Here’s an excerpt from the exchange between Bill Pascrell and his colleague, Tim Griffin.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ): Despite Democrats opposition to Part D ten years ago we committed to making the best of the program. … We lost the policy fight. And what did we do? We went back to our districts. And we told our seniors although we voted no, we personally believe and would work with the Bush administration to make it work. That’s what we did. And how many of you stood up to do that. … What are you going to do about the approximately seventeen million children with pre-existing conditions who can no longer be denied health insurance coverage. … You are going to tell the parents of those kids? Which one of you is going to stand up and tell the parents of those children, the game is over. Sorry, that was just a failure.

Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR): Will the gentleman yield.

Pascrell (D-NJ): Yes I will.

Griffin (R-AR): It’s a false choice to say it’s Obamacare or nothing. There are numerous proposals including the one I am a co-sponsor of. …

Pascrell (D-NJ): Are you really serious; after what we have gone through over the last three and a half years? You can sit there and say that you had a legitimate alternative after these years? We’ve gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now of you trying to dismantle this legislation. You call that cooperation? I don’t.

Democrats cooperated on George Bush’s drug program even though they had opposed it.

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It was evident that Democrats are starting to hit a sensitive spot in these hearings. Republicans have opposed most laws that expand the safety net for the American people. This is why they respond to these valid accusations so aggressively. But their responses are flawed, at best.

Having hearings like these provide Democrats with a platform to expose those who really care about the well-being of middle class Americans. It is important that one is not meek in defending the values Democrats and Progressives stand for. Republicans are bold in lying about their policies’ impact on Americans. Democrats must be more passionate about telling the truth. Democrats must buck the lies mercilessly, at every turn

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