Ed Schultz To ‘Liberal’ Mainstream Media: Get Off Your Asses And Do Your Job (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz to liberal media, get off your asses and do your job.

Ed Schultz is correct, the ‘liberal’ mainstream media and their ‘journalists’ need to get off their asses and do their jobs. Americans are being misled.

Ed Schultz is mad. He is mad at the “liberal” mainstream media. Well he did not say “mainstream” per se, but that is what he meant. Conservative media would never report on Obamacare fairly or truthfully in the first place and actual liberal media already does.

Ed Schultz’s anger is the anger all Americans should have at the so called “liberal” media right now. They should be tweeting, facebooking, and calling them. Americans should let the “liberal”media know that they are lazy and incompetent in their coverage of the Affordable Care Act among other important issues. They should let them know that absent a change, they will give up on them completely and move to other more reputable sources.

Ed Schultz’s Message To The “Liberal” Mainstream Media

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So what does Ed Schultz want the media to tell Americans? The truth. They should not be simply echoing Republican talking points. They should be doing investigative reporting.

They should tell these truths:

  • GOP Governors failed their citizens by not setting up their own exchanges.
  • GOP Governors who opted out of building their own exchanges must take partial blame for the problems with the Obamacare exchanges.
  • GOP Governors are sentencing thousands of children and adults to die by not adopting the Medicaid Expansion to Obamacare.
  • When the GOP talks about not having input into Obamacare, they are lying. Absent their input there would be no mandate and there would be a public option.
  • Republicans are lying when they say Obamacare won’t work. The Affordable Care Act is already working for millions of Americans. Millions that were denied coverage for pre-existing conditions are now covered. Insurance companies can no longer throw folks off their policies when they get sick. There is no longer a maximum cap on insurance payouts. There is much more yet to be covered.
  • Obamacare is based on Mitt Romney’s (R) universal healthcare in Massachusetts. Over 98.1% of Massachusetts citizens are insured. Rhonda Julian’s story would not have occurred without it.

The GOP is misleading folks about millions losing their insurance. Insurances cancelled were just semblances of insurance. These were not real insurance policies. They were little more than scams. Many did not cover hospitalization, drugs, and other important healthcare needs. Ultimately the American taxpayer would be left holding the bag as the scamming insurance companies kept the citizens’ premiums and those citizens went bankrupt. Unfortunately, the “liberal” media is not interested in doing its job of reporting facts. In fact, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd actually came right out and said as much.

Ed Schultz is correct, the “liberal” media and their “journalists” need to get off their asses and do their jobs. Americans are being misled. This “liberal” media and their journalists are allowing Republicans to put America’s health at risk.

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