Poll Reveals An Astonishing Majority Of Conservatives Want A White Male Dominated Congress

New poll reveals Conservatives want only white men in Congress. The GOP-led House's 2012 committee chairs.

Still think the GOP isn’t sexist and racist? This new poll is a real eye-opener. It shows conservatives don’t want any more women or minorities in Congress. Photo of The GOP-led House’s 2012 committee chairs from “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

If you still don’t think that the Republican Party is sexist and racist, get ready to have your eyes opened. A new poll finds that an astonishingly high number of conservatives actually want Congress to be dominated by white men.

New poll shows conservatives don’t want more women or minorities in Congress.

According to a new poll from ABC/Fusion, only 5 percent of conservative Republicans think more minorities in Congress would be a good thing. Apparently, most feel it would be a bad thing to have a more diverse Congress. It’s really pathetic that a mere 5 percent bucked their own party to say that more minorities should be sent to Washington DC.

The above statistic is just further proof that the Republican Party has become staunchly anti-minority. This spells major trouble for conservative candidates in future elections. In 2012, 93 percent of African-Americans, 71 percent of Latinos, and 73 percent of Asians voted for President Obama and Democrats. If conservatives continue to alienate minority voters, the GOP will be a minority in governing for years to come.

But that’s not all the new poll reveals. It also shows how Republicans feel about more women being elected to Congress. And it’s not pretty. No pun intended.

The ABC/Fusion poll shows that only 26 percent of conservatives and 23 percent of Republicans support electing more women to the House and Senate. The low number demonstrates why the GOP is struggling with female voters. In 2012, 56% of women voted for President Obama. The 12 point gender gap helped Democrats regain some House seats and retain control of the Senate. But it also catapulted a record number of women to Congress. Clearly, Republicans aren’t doing well with women, and it stands to get worse as the GOP escalates their war on women.

The new poll reveals Republicans have a major image problem and they don’t care.

The new poll shows that the GOP has a major image problem and they don’t seem to really care. For years, it’s been pointed out how Republicans in Congress operate on a white guys-only system. We’ve all seen the pictures of the all white male committee that convened to debate birth control in early 2012. Then in November of that same year, House Republicans appointed white men to chair all of the various committees and only added a woman to the roster after a public outcry. And during the government shutdown, a similar image showed a Republican delegation composed of all white men during a conference call designed by the GOP to make Democrats look bad.

The new poll findings indicate that Republicans won’t change any time soon.

One would think that the GOP would want to improve their image among women and minority voters. After all, the party is getting creamed by them in elections. But they aren’t. Republicans refuse to change their positions on issues that these groups care about. And they refuse to curb their sexist and racist rhetoric. Republicans would rather lead voter suppression efforts to limit the power of women and minorities in elections instead of changing. Furthermore, if most conservative voters just want white men in office, it’s unlikely Republicans will change any of this as long as they only care about the base. As bad as the Republican Party looks now, with findings like the ones from this new poll, it doesn’t look like the GOP will get any better in the near future.