This Obamacare Success Story Will Make Conservative Heads Explode (VIDEO)

Obamacare: Diabetic woman's premium drops to $1.11 per  month

A woman in Pittsburgh who once had to pay a $500 per month insurance premium, now only has to pay $1.11 thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Image: CKM Addicting Info

As Republicans continue their war against Obamacare, there is a success story out of Pennsylvania that will make their heads explode. A woman in Pittsburgh who once had to pay a $500 per month insurance premium, now only has to pay $1.11  thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Gail Roach secured a $1.11 monthly premium thanks to Obamacare.

Gail Roach is a retired diabetic. Like most Americans, the 57-year-old has been unable to enroll in Obamacare through So she decided to do so over the phone. And her experience may be the greatest Obamacare success story to date.

Because of her pre-existing condition of Type 2 diabetes, Roach had to spend $509 a month on her retirement health insurance plan. When Obamacare went into effect last month, Roach decided to check out her options in hopes of finding a better plan. And boy did she ever.

According to WTAE, Roach found a policy for $70 a month, which is a savings of nearly $440. Incredibly, the savings didn’t end there. Due to a tax credit and the Cost Sharing Benefit, Roach saved even more money. A LOT more. Because of these advantages offered through Obamacare, Roach now only has to pay $1.11 per month for health insurance. Her new plan saves her an astounding $508 a month.

Roach was shocked to find a plan so cheap and she’s spreading the news.

Unsurprisingly, Roach was shocked to have scored such a cheap health care plan. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I just couldn’t believe it.  But it was within my budget.”

It’s almost as if Obamacare was meant to make health insurance more affordable for people. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what it’s meant to do. So despite constant attacks from Republicans, Obamacare did precisely what it is designed to do. And Roach is eager to spread the news.

“I’m telling people they need to look into it,” she said. “They need to be patient about it. Go to the website. If you can’t get on, call the number on the website and just be very patient because it’s very much worth it.”

Here’s the video via Raw Story.

With a little patience, Obamacare can work for you.

Patience. It seems to be a word that most Obamacare naysayers don’t understand. They’d rather jump to conclusions and spread false information in an effort to discredit the program. For all of it’s glitches thus far, Obamacare is working to give people the best insurance possible at the most affordable cost. Because of her patience and determination to not give up, Gail Roach found an affordable plan through Obamacare that was made even cheaper due to other benefits within the program. Now she doesn’t have to worry about dropping hundreds of dollars per month on a plan. All she has to do is pay $1.11 a month and she’s covered. The money she saves can be used to do other things.

Rather than give up and whine about the faulty health care site, Roach simply picked up the phone and dialed the number to chat with a health care specialist. With assistance from the specialist, Roach was able to sift through her options and received information necessary to make the best choice for herself. It took some time, but she finally secured an insurance plan that is far cheaper than anything she could have imagined.

This story is proof that Obamacare works. Despite all the criticism from right-wing pundits and Republicans in Congress, Obamacare is doing what it was created to do. It offers better quality health insurance plans at lower cost. All one has to do is explore the multitude of options available. And because of the invention known as the telephone, people can call and be personally guided through those options by an expert. Will it take time to do this? Yes. But as Roach says, the time spent is well worth it to get a quality insurance package for pennies on the dollar. Literally.