Crackpot Religious Historian Claims Abortion Causes Climate Change (VIDEO)

Allowing Abortion Causes Climate Change, According To Nutball Historian

When we need to take action on actual climate science, David Barton cries, ‘We’ve made God angry by allowing abortion! Abortion causes climate change!’

Christian historian David Barton came out and said he believes climate change is definitely man-made, but not the way we might think. Barton does not think that burning fossil fuels is the problem. Instead, he believes that things like legal abortion causes climate change. God is angry, and taking his wrath out on us poor wretches by making the planet warm up, which creates crazy weather.

According to an episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory, Barton and fellow evangelical Kenneth Copeland believe that, when Americans voted people who support abortion into office, it opened the door to various curses on us. These curses include flooding, tornadoes, murder and even pedophilia. So abortion causes climate change, along with mass shootings and child rape.

David Barton is a revisionist historian. Actual historians have no respect for him or his work.

Barton believes that biblical law is what should govern the U.S., just like many other evangelicals. He also believes that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), he argues that the founders only intended Christians to be elected to office. Barton is a revisionist historian.

It goes further than that, however. Real historians say that Barton’s work violates a core tenet of studying history. For history to be history, it must be understood on its own terms, and for its own sake. However, Barton believes that the founding fathers had already had the whole creationism vs. evolution debate, even though Darwin’s Origin of Species wasn’t written until nearly 80 years later. He also says the Revolution was fought to free slaves. That “fact” isn’t true either.

Religious right could easily latch onto the theory that abortion causes climate change.

Sadly, the religious right reveres Barton. Time Magazine named him as one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelical Christians in 2005. His views resonate with their views, so they tend to believe what he says. It wouldn’t be surprising if evangelical and Tea Party Republicans start holding his theory that abortion causes climate change up as another shining truth.

That could be dangerous, because real climate science shows that burning fossil fuels spews carbon dioxide into the air at far faster rates than humans and animals alone ever could. But the idea that abortion causes climate change is a win-win for the evangelicals, who are the loudest and most intense segment of the GOP. They get to push for outlawing abortion and claim it’s not just to save the lives of unborn children, but that it’s also to preserve the environment. It’s science. What could be better than that?

There is no actual debate about the causes of climate change among scientists.

97% of scientists in the world agree that humans are fueling climate change. Furthermore, out of 14,000 peer-reviewed papers between 1991 and 2012, only 23 concluded that climate change either wasn’t influenced by man, or wasn’t happening at all.

However, groups like the Heartland Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists all lobby heavily against addressing climate change. These organizations are a big part of the reason Americans think scientists can’t agree on what’s fueling climate change. It’s important to note that both Heritage and Heartland get funding from Donors Trust and its sister organization, Donors Capital Fund. These two organizations are specifically funding anti-climate science for companies like Exxon-Mobil, and people like the Koch Brothers.

Barton’s theory that abortion causes climate change might throw a monkey wrench into anti-climate science. It might also create more confusion over the issue with the public. At a time when we need to take action on the actual science, someone as respected Barton sits and cries, “We’ve made God angry by allowing abortion! Abortion causes climate change!” People are entitled to their beliefs, but there are times when beliefs can be dangerous. This is one of them.

Watch him make the argument for yourself here: