Attempted Church Bomber Now Showing Up In Schools With Photos Of Aborted Fetuses (VIDEO)

Man Who Went To Prison For Trying To Bomb A Church Now Showing Up At Schools With Photos Of Aborted Fetuses

Jered Ragon, who spent time in prison for trying to bomb a church, is now leading a group to high schools with photos of aborted fetuses.
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Just when you think you’ve heard it all from these anti- choice nuts, you see something nuttier than you’ve seen previously.  This time, it is downright scary. As is often the case, it involves attempting to brainwash children, using emotion, into becoming anti-choice.

Attempted church bomber and pals hand out photos of aborted fetuses.

Parents in North Texas have plenty to fear from Abolitionist Society of Burleson, an anti-choice group that spent all of last week outside of Crowley North High School. They have also taken their anti-choice campaign to high schools in Crowley, Little Elm, and Fort Worth.

This has been done before, so what is so different here, you might ask? Well, they were led by Jered Ragon, a man who has done time in federal prison for trying to blow up a church, presumably because his own religious beliefs led him to do so. Further, they spread their message with graphic photos of aborted fetuses. One student, Gabrielle Wood, said of the incident:

My parents absolutely wouldn’t want me to see that.

So, yes, this is going on, with minors, without parental consent.  Of course, Ragon defended his group’s actions, saying:

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It’s not this sanitized thing. It’s horrible and should be opposed.

Of course, this is neither the time nor the place to get into an abortion debate. This is about going into a school and showing these photos, disrupting a learning environment, without parental consent. It is also about Mr. Ragon, who is a questionable character at best. Remember, he attempted to blow up a church in 2007 due to his own religious beliefs, and his religious affiliations were described as “radical Christian activists who oppose government and organized religion.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think these are the types of folks I want hanging out around schools. All of Ragon’s mischief surrounding his radical beliefs got him a grand total of 15 months in federal prison. Here is what Ragon says to excuse that:

Right out of high school, I got in some trouble and went to prison for it. God showed me a little bit about Himself during that time, I think, but I’m not sure it made a big enough impact on me.

Doesn’t look like God showed enough of himself to you to me, pal. Looks like he showed you the way to crazytown, and that’s about it.

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