Highest Ranking Female Texas Republican Blasts GOP Effort To Legislate Women’s Bodies

Texas GOP's Anti-Choice Effort Has New Opponent - Susan Combs, The Highest Ranking Female Republican In The State

The highest ranking elected female Texas Republican, Susan Combs, blasted the GOP for its effort to legislate women’s bodies and the war on women.

Earlier this year, Texas Republicans forced the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion legislation into law. For years, Texas has been the epicenter of the GOP’s war on women and the war against reproductive rights. Because of that, women across the nation are rejecting Republicans at the ballot in record numbers. It is already well known that female Democrats in Texas strongly oppose the legislating of women’s bodies. After all, Wendy Davis is now campaigning to be the state’s next governor. But do female Republicans approve of the anti-women stance of their male colleagues? One top woman within the Texas GOP says no.

The highest ranking elected female Texas Republican, Susan Combs, blasted the GOP for its effort to legislate women’s bodies.

Susan Combs is the highest ranking elected female Republican at the state level in Texas. She currently holds the position of Comptroller. You would think that as a Republican she just goes along with what the male hierarchy of the GOP says and does. But that is hardly the case at all. As it turns out, Combs is not happy with how her party has treated women at all.

In an interview with the Washington Times, Susan Combs blasted Texas Republicans for alienating women across the state and slammed the GOP for being obsessed with regulating lady parts.

“Tell me that you give a flip about women’s interests,” Combs said. “If all you want to talk about is my biology, ‘Gee what happened to my brain?’ That is my point. It is not all south of the waistline.”

And combs is exactly right. For years, Republicans have treated women as nothing more than walking incubators and food servers. Instead of treating women like fellow human beings, the GOP has opted to treat them like livestock. And such treatment is precisely why the Republicans are getting their asses handed to them by women at the polls.

Women are rejecting Republicans in elections because of their war on women’s rights.

Because of their war on women, Republicans lost to President Obama among women by 12 points in the 2012 Election. A new poll shows that if Hillary Clinton makes a White House run in 2016, she would crush any anti-choice Republican by an average of 19 points among women. As ThinkProgress notes, even though Republicans admitted that they needed to fix their image among women, they haven’t done anything to do so. In fact, Republicans have just doubled down on their anti-women agenda.

Texas is staunchly anti-women.

As previously stated, Texas Republicans passed harsh anti-abortion legislation into law this past summer. They did this in spite of the fact that women furiously opposed it. But the war on women didn’t end there. Texas also passed voter suppression laws that will keep tens of thousands of women from voting in the state. Susan Combs is right when she says women have brains, but Texas Republicans are desperately trying to prevent women from using them. Because of their anti-abortion crusade, women’s health in the state is severely threatened. Clinics that provide services beyond abortion could close, thus taking away critical health care from women. The Texas GOP is also focused on restricting access to contraception that would prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. So women can’t vote, can’t choose to have an abortion, and can’t choose to protect themselves during sex.

Texas Republicans also have no compassion or sympathy for rape victims. One female GOP state senator claimed that rape victims don’t need the right to have an abortion because rape kits “clean them out.” It is the dream of the GOP to ban abortion entirely, even for rape victims. Republicans in Texas literally want to force rape victims to give birth to their rapist’s baby.

Susan Combs could be the next Republican to leave the party if the GOP doesn’t end its obsession with women’s lady parts.

But Susan Combs thinks enough is enough. Though she now claims to only support abortion in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother, Combs used to be largely pro-choice. In order to survive in the Republican Party, however, she has had to flip flop on her beliefs to rise in the ranks. It now appears that she has grown tired of her party’s repeated assaults on women’s rights. Apparently, even Susan Combs recognizes that her party is no longer the party of personal liberty. Her party has become the party of government so small it can fit inside a woman’s uterus. Recently, two Republicans have renounced the GOP to join the Democratic Party, including a Texas judge. It sounds like another Republican in Texas may be ready to jump ship.