Iowa Teen Shot Dead By The Police Dad Called To Teach His Son A Lesson (VIDEO)

Iowa Teen Shot Dead By Cop's Dad Called To Teach Him A Lesson (VIDEO)

An Iowa teen shot dead after Dad called the cops to teach him a lesson when he stole Dad’s truck. The cops chased down and shot him

Seriously, what in the world is going on with police officers? It seems that not a day goes by when we don’t hear about cops abusing someone for the slightest of reasons or none at all. This time, an overreaction by the police ended with an Iowa teen shot dead.

Iowa teen shot dead: Dad just wanted to teach his son a lesson.

When James Comstock called the police, all he wanted was for them to find his son, Tyler, who had stolen his father’s truck to go get cigarettes. He said he wanted to teach his son a lesson. What happened has left a confused family with many unanswered questions and an Iowa teen shot twice.

The incident began on the morning of November 4 when Tyler Comstock asked his father to buy him some cigarettes. James refused, so Tyler took off in the truck, which was used in the family landscaping business. James thought it might teach his son to listen if police pulled him over and escorted him back home. But things didn’t go as planned. Tyler, seeing the police behind him, started a chase that ended up on the campus of Iowa State University with the Iowa teen shot to death.

In this dash cam video, you can see when the chase begins. At one point, Tyler stops and backs into the police car, damaging the trailer which the truck is pulling and causing it to shed debris. At 2:59, dispatch tells the officer, Adam McPherson, to back off.  The car stays on Tyler as he enters the campus of ISU. Since speeds were reaching 70 MPH and the vehicles were on streets with pedestrians, calling off the pursuit would have been the safest thing. After all, they knew who took the truck, as the supervisor clearly mentions. You can hear the on duty supervisor say, again, to back off the chase. This is ignored. When the chase finally ends, the officers surround the truck, yelling at Tyler to turn off the engine. When he does not, McPherson fires 6 rounds into the truck’s cab, fatally wounding the young man.

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Iowa teen shot: Investigation finds officer justified in shooting.

Ames Police Commander Geoff Huff and Michael Motsinger, a special agent with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, held a news conference on Thursday. They said that their investigation found Officer McPherson was justified in using lethal force.

The family, who were confused before, are even more so now that the dash cam footage has been released. They, too, heard the dispatcher and the supervisor tell Office McPherson to back off. Tyler’s step-grandfather, Gary Shepley, was angry and bewildered:

They’re professionals. They’re trained to handle these situations. And if they panic before they even know what’s going on, then ask yourself: What if it was your child? So he didn’t shut the damn truck off, so let’s fire six rounds at him? We’re confused, and we don’t understand.

Yesterday, the family made a statement which was read by Monica Comstock, the boys’ step-mother:

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Tyler. He was loved by many. We are heartbroken at way it had to end, and wish the outcome could have been different. And just so many unanswered questions.

Big question: Why didn’t the pursuing cops obey their supervisor?

My biggest question was why did the chase continue when the dispatcher and the supervisor both told the officers to back off? The first time, the dispatcher tells McPherson that “if he’s that reckless,” to back off. “We know the suspect,” the supervisor says the second time. Was Officer McPherson just pissed off because Tyler wouldn’t stop? That he backed into the police car? Do they give these guys anger management training? I have to wonder if he wasn’t just too angry to think of the best way to resolve the problem with no injuries to anyone. Certainly this young man did not deserve to be killed because of his actions. He didn’t handle this well, that is true. And, yes, he could have killed somebody driving that fast. But what if the pursuing officers had done as they were told and backed off before the chase had escalated and led onto the university campus? Would Tyler have slowed back down or maybe even stopped? Unfortunately, we will never know. All because a father wanted to teach his son a lesson, this teen was shot dead. Some lessons are better taught without police involvement.

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Iowa teen shot by police