Devastation Plagues Postwar Iraq, U.S. Corporate Media Is Silent

Iraq - Two years after the occupation, it's still the Thunderdome.

It seems clear now, that our occupation of Iraq was never meant to be temporary, at least not in the hearts and the minds of those responsible for it. Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II via Wikimedia Commons.

This Veteran’s Day will be the second since the Iraq war ended in 2011. For millions of American veterans and civilians alike, the specter and shame of that terrible war still looms over them to this very day. For the people of Iraq, the aftermath of our occupation is still a daily nightmare, a place where life is fraught with peril and strife. But in the corridors of power and America’s media complex, the Iraq War might as well have ended a century ago, and have about as much relevance to current international affairs as our own Revolutionary War did to the Roman Republic.

When it comes to Iraq, few stories of any real consequence make it to mainstream American audiences.