This Expert Thinks We Should Fat Shame The Overweight

 The Ugly Suggestion That We Ought To Fat Shame People

This bioethicist thinks we should fat shame people to encourage them to lose weight. This is cruel and counter-productive and could lead to discrimination.

Daniel Callahan thinks that we ought to fat shame overweight people so that they will lose weight faster. He’s not at all happy with the lack of progress in the effort to slow America’s obesity epidemic. With 69.2% of adults overweight and obese and 12.1% of children 2-5 who are, it’s something we need to work on, for sure. But those kids who are 6-19 and overweight/obese do not need to have schools condone fat shaming. It’s hard enough to lose weight as a teen — ask me how I know — we do not need to add further stigmatization.

Hey, let’s fat shame those fat people — that’ll make them lose weight!