Michele Bachmann’s Latest Whopper: I Lost My Health Insurance Due To Obamacare (VIDEO)


Obamacare made me lose my health coverage, whines Michele Bachmann on CNN.

Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed on CNN that she is losing her health care coverage thanks to Obamacare, and throws in some other distortions for good measure.

Poor Michele Bachmann. She’s losing her health insurance due to Obamacare. Bachmann managed to hit the major Republican talking points about the Affordable Care Act in her appearance on The Situation Room without ever being challenged by host Wolf Blitzer. As a public service, Addicting Info brings out the facts that Blitzer ignored.

“I lost my health insurance under Obamacare.”

Bachmann leaves behind the thoroughly discredited claim that congress exempted itself from Obamacare. Instead, she prefers the media line that is currently in vogue — people are losing their insurance because of the law. She’s right. She did lose her insurance thanks to Obamacare, but if she wants to complain, she only needs to visit the other side of the Capitol building to do so.

Bachmann is correct that members of congress are required to obtain health care coverage from the insurance exchanges. They lost their employer sponsored health plans thanks to an amendment by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA). Something Bachmann forgets to bring up for some reason. That amendment, one of a number of Republican changes that were included in the ACA, was the basis for the “congress exempted itself from the law” claim. As late as April 2013, Bachmann was complaining about the “exemption” on her Facebook page.

Michele Bachmann's facebook post on Obamacare.

But the Grassley amendment is only one part of the “Obamacare exemption” story. Along with losing their employer sponsored plans, congresspeople and their staffs were going to lose the employer contribution to the cost of their premiums. Grassley told Rollcall that it was never his intention for that to be taken away. Whoops!

So, in September 2013, the federal Office of Personnel Management ruled that Congress could keep the employer contribution. This caused another stir among those who have been fighting the law. They immediately seized on this as “proof” that Congress was exempt from Obamacare without mentioning that Republicans went right along with the “exemption” that wasn’t.

So what does all of this have to do with Michele Bachmann? Simple, she never bothered to tell Wolf Blitzer that when she selects a policy on the exchange she will not have to pay the full price of her premium. She will pay part, and the federal government will pick up the rest.

“I’m waiting until they fix this thing.”

Blizter asks Bachmann if she is going to go on the exchange to get her new insurance policy. Bachmann replies:

I’m forced to go into the D.C. health exchange. I’m waiting until they fix this thing. I’m not going to sit there and frustrate myself, for hours and hours.

Bachmann’s comment implies that she would be going through Healthcare.gov to purchase a policy. She is either lying or she has no idea of what she is talking about. The Washington, D.C. insurance exchange is not connected to the federal website at Healthcare.gov. It is one of the state run exchanges that is operating independently of the federal exchange. Michele Bachmann has obviously never attempted to visit the exchange. CNN reported in late October that state run exchanges were functioning much better than the federal exchange. Why? Because they’re a lot smaller and so were easier to program. I was able to get onto the D.C. exchange site, DCHealthLink.comwith no problems. Another little tidbit Bachmann left out and Biltzer didn’t bother bringing up.

“We don’t need to destroy the health care system for 330 million.”

Michele Bachmann suggests that Obamacare is creating problems for the vast majority of Americans. This is simply false. (WHAT?! A Republican is lying?! – ed) All of the hand wringing coming from Republicans, the media, and even some Democrats is over problems in the individual insurance market. That market serves about 5 percent of the population. Most Americans have not noticed any changes in their health insurance. That is because most Americans get their coverage through their employer. Obamacare has little if any effect on those plans. My wife recently received her open enrollment booklet from her employer. The only change to her coverage for 2014 is the addition of an “out of pocket maximum” that is required by the law.

This brief segment is painful to watch. Democratic pundit Paul Begala sits mostly silent, while Blizter nods and agrees with Bachmann. Yet it is just one example out of many that shows how the media has completely dropped the ball in telling the truth about Obamacare.

Here’s the video, from CNN: