John Birch Society – Original Tea Party Anti-American Group Had Role In Kennedy Assassination

Author: November 16, 2013 8:55 pm

Flyer handed out by the John Birch Society the day before President Kennedy was assassinated.

The day before President Kennedy was assassinated, the Dallas area was peppered with flyers, and a full-page ad (below) was run in The Dallas Morning News. The John Birch Society was dedicated to destroying the president, and had a wide range of conspiracies against him over his Irish Catholic roots.

John Birch Society advertised its hatred.


The grandfather of the Tea Party movement, the John Birch Society is a staunch anti-American organization. Funded by the Koch family, the John Birch Society was adamantly against democracy, and democratically elected leaders. As seen in the lead-in image above, the John Birch Society declared what was treason, and not; that they were superior to the Constitution and the government itself. This sounds very familiar, let us compare against Tea Party flyers handed out not too long ago.

The same mentality, that they are a government unto themselves, runs through the two groups. In fact, it could even be claimed that they are one and the same anti-American organization dedicated to destruction of the USA. The Koch Family has been bankrolling these groups for over a century, changing the name, wrapping their anti-American message in a flag, in order to sound appealing. And they don’t even come up with new messages, as you can see here:

The death of the president broke the John Birch Society stranglehold on politics.

Those sympathetic to the John Birch Society celebrated for a short period after the assassination. Then the upswing in public mourning made it unacceptable to celebrate in the wake of his death. In Biloxi, MS, for instance, the John Birch Society headquarters there had a local university student Thomas Hansen chew them out for their banners of celebration. They then shoved him through the front door glass and had him arrested for vandalism. Public shame had the charges dropped, and Mr. Hansen sported the scars from the glass door as a proud badge of honor.

In the interests of full disclosure, Thomas Hansen is the authors step-father.

This is the 50th anniversary of the death of Camelot. The assassination of JFK was not only the death of the president, it was the death of innocence for our nation. We can hang much of the trouble we as a nation have faced as a result of this event, and on the evil men and women of the John Birch Society.


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  • Stochastic terrorism from before Fox News made it cool!

  • Great reporting.

    The Tea Party is basically just the new face of the old discredited John Birch Society.

    If you compare Tea Party ideology with JBS ideology, they’re virtually identical.

    It was the JBS who started the right-wing hysteria about Black Helicopters back in the ‘90s, claiming the U.N. was “taking over national parks.” The JBS also ranted about fictitious Russian tank battalions massing on the Mexican border awaiting orders from Clinton to invade the U.S.

    The JBS was behind most of the right-wing wack in the ’90s: Y2K would be the end of the world, UPC codes were the “mark of the beast,” the Clintons were Communist moles, George W. Bush would bring on the Rapture, etc, etc.

    The JBS started the denial movement. Holocaust denial, moon landing denial, Evolution denial, Climate Change denial, just to name a few.

    Today, Tea Party wack about Obama’s birth certificate, or that he’s the Antichrist, or a reptile from outer space, etc.; nonexistent FEMA concentration camps, death panels, etc, etc, is all churned out by the same fruitcakes & PR outfuts that have been dreaming up all that right-wing idiocy for decades.

    That none of it ever turns out to be true never phases them; they just keep gushing it out like broken oil pipelines.

    The JBS was started in the late ‘40s to whip up hysteria about the ‘red menace.’ It led to one of the most disgraceful periods in American history, the McCarthy Era Witch Hunts, when many thousands of patriotic Americans were hounded out of their jobs and careers simply because they had joined organizations opposing the Nazis during the ’30s and ‘40s.

    During the ’60s, the JBS was totally discredited and receded from the spotlight.
    But today, if you pry up the rock the Tea Party sits on, you’ll find the John Birch Society squirming to hide from the daylight.

  • The names may change, but the bullshit remains the same.

    Republicans can’t stand anyone who doesn’t brownnose them.

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