Fox News Airs New ‘Undercover’ Videos Made By Criminal And Con Artist James O’Keefe (VIDEOS)

James O'Keefe 'Acorns' ACA navigators in his latest misleading video.

Right-wing nut job James O’Keefe took down Acorn with misleading videos, and plans to do the same to Obamacare. Plus, he’s got all kinds of legal trouble. Photo screen captured from Fox’s ‘After the Show Show.’

In March of this year, James O’Keefe agreed to pay $100,000 to one of the ACORN workers he falsely portrayed in a doctored video. You may recall O’Keefe as right-wing nut job who released the highly-edited footage of ACORN workers in 2008 that led to the non-profit’s demise. As part of the legal settlement, O’Keefe agreed to write an apology to Juan Carlos Vera. Vera was one of the workers who lost his job after O’Keefe’s videos ran on Fox news, and falsely framed him in a bad light. In the five page-settlement, O’Keefe said that he “regrets any pain suffered by Mr. Vera and his family.”

As with most things that have to do with James O’Keefe, that apology hardly seems sincere.

This time, O’Keefe’s videos are supposed to show Obamacare navigators telling people to lie.

O’Keefe is back, just a few months later. Like before, he is baldly promoting videos designed to make ACA workers look bad. This time the video footage tries to make Obamacare (ACA) navigators look like they’re telling people to lie on their ACA forms. Fox news gladly ran with the story. In Texas, GOP reps are using the edited videos as a new excuse to demand an end to the Obamacare and the ACA navigator program. Four ACA workers, who were still in training at the time the video was made, have been either suspended or fired, due to O’Keefe’s latest media stunt.

 O’Keefe refuses to release the unedited footage.

Just as he did with the doctored ACORN videos, O’Keefe refuses to release the raw footage.

Here’s a video showing O’Keefe’s latest stunt.


The Fox News reporter who covered this story does mention that O’Keefe has been in trouble for deceiving the public in the past. She also says the videos are highly edited. Yet, knowing that did not stop her from running with the story or airing the highly edited footage.

 The Urban League of Dallas says that O’Keefe’s videos are deceptively edited.

The Urban League of Dallas (ULD) hires and trains the ACA workers, to work in that area of Texas. The ULD says that O’Keefe’s video footage is deceptively edited and that corrective statements were made at the time of the recording. The ULD says that those statements were selectively edited out of the videos. The ULD has asked that all of the raw footage be released. O’Keefe says he won’t turn over the raw video. He claims that the edits he made to his videos are no different from what filmmakers do all of the time.

Yet, if the raw video shows that the footage is not edited in a misleading way, as the ULD says it is, why doesn’t O’Keefe want it to be seen?

O’Keefe was granted immunity in exchange for the raw ACORN video.

After the ACORN scandal, California’s then-Attorney General Jerry Brown made O’Keefe hand over the raw version of the ACORN videos. In exchange for the raw footage, he was given immunity from being prosecuted as a criminal. Rachel Maddow later used the raw video to expose O’Keefe as the fraud he is.

You can see the difference between the edited and raw versions of the ACORN videos here:


 O’Keefe was caught breaking into the office of a democratic senator.

O’Keefe was caught breaking in to the office of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). He was convicted and sentenced to 3 years of probation, plus 100 hours of community service for that crime. He also paid a $1,500 fine. While O’Keefe says the break-in was part of an undercover investigation, he was actually arrested on federal wire-tapping charges.

O’Keefe is still on probation for those crimes.

 That’s just the start of O’Keefe’s legal troubles.

In 2012 O’Keefe’s female co-worker filed criminal harassment charges. She told the court that he drugged her and tried to make her stay in a barn at his parent’s home.  (Yes, he still lives with his parents.)

After the barn incident, he posted videos of the woman on his website, calling her a whore. According to her sworn testimony, he harassed her for weeks. All of this came after she did not want to take part in one of his undercover film making projects.

The complaint was dismissed, but not because the judge didn’t believe her. His ruling was based on the fact that he could not find proof that the events took place in the jurisdiction where the case was filed.

O’Keefe also settled a sexual harassment suit with a female reporter. That suit came after it was revealed that he plotted to lure her into a boat and use porn to humiliate her.

There are plenty of other accusations of fraud and criminal activity against O’Keefe. Anyone with a computer and a little time on their hands can easily find a slew of evidence against him.

While it’s amazing that O’Keefe has not gone to jail for all of the criminal activity that he has been involved in. What’s more amazing is that the media is still willing to run his bogus videos and reprint his lies as if they were at all credible.