Creepy Right Wing Comment Of The Day: Jesus Was A Man’s Man And He Smelled Bad (VIDEO)

Jesus Christ Was Sweaty, Studly Macho Man, Not Some Girly Whimp!
One of the funniest things about religious conservatives is how much they claim to worship Jesus while doing the exact opposite of what he preached. Jesus preached tolerance. The religious right preaches hate. Jesus preached of kindness to the poor. The religious right preaches disgust. Jesus preached compassion towards the sick. The religious right preaches greed and selfishness. Jesus preached love for thy neighbor. The religious right preaches, ironically, social darwinism.

Jesus was about peace and love and nonviolence. So what’s a good conservative Christian to do? They’re obsessed with guns and violence and machismo and money and pretty much everything Christ stood against. The obvious solution is to rewrite Jesus, of course.

Jesus Christ! What a stud!

And here comes (thankfully) retired Lt. Gen. Willaim Boykin, lately of the virulently homophobic Family Research Council to tell us was Jesus really was! He wasn’t no darn wimp! He was manly! He was ripped! He had bulging arms! And a thin waist! Wait, what? Seriously, for a group that despises homosexuals, this rant comes off as more than a little homoerotic:


Oh wow. Jesus smelled bad because real men don’t bother with girly personal hygiene! Seriously, I can’t think of anything more pathetic than trying to retroactively turn Jesus from a pacifist into a macho stud. That makes about as much sense as turning Ghandi into an action hero. Oh wait…


At least that was a parody. The religious right isn’t joking. They want their Jesus to be rough and tough! He’s here to kick ass or chew gum! And he’s all out of gum. All this to justify the culture of misogyny and homophobia the religious right uses to keep their flock of deeply insecure sheep in line.

What’s sad about this is that, for the most part, Boykin’s right; Christ probably would have been physically fit. He also would have been one of the brown skinned Persians that Boykin despises so much. Just don’t tell him that! He might lose his man crush on Jesus.