Martin Bashir Apologizes For Rant Against Sarah Palin. Why?

Martin Bashir apologizes for rant against Sarah Palin. But WHY?

On Monday, November 18th, 2013, Martin Bashir made a full retraction and personal apology for his previous remarks about Sarah Palin. But … WHY? Photo of Martin Bashir from Wikipedia.

On Friday, November 15th, 2013, Martin Bashir took great exception to the words of Sarah Palin. We covered it here at Addicting Info. Truth is, the rant of Mr. Bashir made headlines nationwide.

On Monday, November 18th, 2013, Martin Bashir made a full retraction and personal apology for his previous remarks. Like a scolded child, he looked sheepishly into the camera and said,

“My words were wholly unacceptable. They were neither accurate, nor fair. They were unworthy of anyone who would claim to have an interest in politics.”

Au contraire, Martin Bashir. Many interested in politics took great delight that someone in the “liberal” media ripped Sarah Palin apart for her rhetoric. But you decide for yourselves.

Martin Bashir misunderstands Sarah Palin?

“Our free stuff today is being paid for today by taking money from our children and borrowing from China. When that money comes due and, this isn’t racist, so try it, try it anyway, this isn’t racist, but it’s going to be like slavery when that note is due. Right? We are going to be beholden to a foreign master.”

In his commentary Friday, Martin Bashir suggested that Sarah Palin would be a good candidate to receive “Derby’s dose” of discipline for using a comparison of slavery with the national debt. No one would believe that Martin Bashir literally meant for Sarah Palin to be treated as a slave, would they? To be beaten, whipped, have salt rubbed in the wounds and then for someone to defecate in her mouth or piss on her face? Nah. As tempting as it may sound to some of you, that would be almost as outlandish as comparing those exact acts with the next generation of Americans having to pay off debt accrued by this generation. Or our generation paying off debt that the previous generation left for us. That comparison would be insane wouldn’t it?

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So, why is it ok for the right to constantly use extremisms when making comparisons but not the left?

Sarah Palin used slavery. She’s done that before. So has Michelle Bachmann. And how many times have you heard the right use racist commentary or comparisons with Hitler or the Holocaust? The trivialization of serious subject matter as a means of trying to emphasize a point is what should be deemed as offensive.

No one, not even Martin Bashir, should have to apologize to Sarah Palin.

Jake Tapper of CNN gave Sarah Palin every possibility to clarify and qualify her remarks last week. The Washington Post reported the exchange this way.

TAPPER: Don’t you ever fear that by using hyperbole like that — obviously, you don’t literally mean it’s like slavery, which cost millions of people their lives and there was rape and torture. You’re using it as a metaphor. But don’t you ever worry that by using that kind of language, you — you risk obscuring the point you’re trying to make?

PALIN: There is another definition of slavery and that is being beholden to some kind of master that is not of your choosing. And, yes, the national debt will be like slavery when the note comes due.

TAPPER: So you’re not — you’re not work — I mean I’m — I’m taking it as a no, but you’re not — you’re not concerned about the language –

PALIN: I’m not one to be politically correct, evidently.


PALIN: And, no, I don’t — I don’t worry about things like that, because no matter what I say, no matter what a lot of conservatives say, they’re, you know, they’ll be targeted and distractions will be attempted to be made to take the listener and the viewers’ mind off what the point is, by pointing out, oh, she said the word slavery in a speech, and, I did say the word slavery, because I want to make a point.

TAPPER: You can understand why African-Americans or others might be offended by it, though?

PALIN: I — I can if they choose to misinterpret what it is that I’m saying. And, again, you know, I’m sure if we open up the dictionary, we could prove that with semantics that are various, we can prove that there is a definition of slavery that absolutely fits the bill there, when I’m talking about a bankrupt country that will owe somebody something down the line if we don’t change things that is, we will be shackled. We will be enslaved to those who we owe.

So, to summarize, rather than clarify that she meant to be a “slave to the grind” of paying off debt, Sarah Palin compared paying a debt to being an owned piece of property. A chattel. An actual slave devoid of rights or rule of law. Subject to violence up to and including rape, torture and death. And Martin Bashir is apologizing? Why?

For a third opinion, I looked to Fox News. On their front page is an article about Martin Bashir and his comments. Clear, concise, limited commentary. Yeah, right.

Taking the high moral ground, right-wing defender and FOX Nation host Mark Levin responded to Martin Bashir’s comments by name calling and sensationalizing. Ahhh, ‘Mericuh.

Fox and the right-wing goes off on MSNBC and Martin Bashir. They cried foul. That is their right. But you can’t criticize about criticism while criticizing in the same way. Mark Levin, while condemning Martin Bashir’s behavior, name calls the entire roster of MSNBC, one at a time. His attacks are personal, inflammatory and without merit. And his is but one example. Can you say hypocrite?

 Martin Bashir’s apology:

While I understand the act of apology, I am also enraged at it. In no way do I personally feel it is warranted or deserved. Maybe the only way these right-wing extremist thinkers can understand a point is by making it in an extreme manner. By using language that they themselves use.

No reasoning for the apology has been given. No comment from NBC or Martin Bashir. Is it wrong to assume it may have something to do with corporate control? Employee/employer relations? Sponsorship and advertising dollars? It certainly felt as if someone had been directed to apologize as a condition of punishment.

We may never know exactly why Martin Bashir apologized for his comments. No one is actually suggesting someone sh*t in Sarah Palin’s mouth as punishment for her nonsense. As punishment, we will just have to keep listening to the sh*t that comes out of it.