Police Made Black Men Sing, Dance, Walk Like Chimps (VIDEO)

Police made black men sing, dance, walk like chimps on camera.

Grosse Pointe Park police officer, Mike Najm, and others are accused of making racist videos which humiliated black men, sending them to coworkers, friends. Image: Eli Christman

An investigation has been launched by the Grosse Pointe Park Police Dept, after a reporter was given copies of more than a dozen videos taken by local police. The videos allegedly show black men being told to sing, dance, make animal noises, walk a chimp and engage in other humiliating acts. Grosse Pointe Park is a wealthy suburb, located outside the city of Detroit, MI.

The humiliating videos of the black men were sent as text messages to others.

The videos, along with photos that have captions like “gotta love the coloreds,” were sent as text messages from the cell phones of Grosse Pointe Park police officers. They were sent to other members of the police force, as well as to friends and family members of the officers who captured the images.

The humiliating videos of the black men were sent as text messages to others.

At least one of the subjects in the videos is known to be mentally ill. According to Steve Neavling, who originally broke the story for the Motor City Muckraker (MCM), the same mentally ill black man can be seen in at least 6 of the videos. Neavling has declined to post the rest of the videos online, due to what he says is the nature of the humiliation that the men experienced at the hands of these officers.

This video shows an officer telling a mentally ill black man to “sing his song” and act like a chimp.


Apparently this is the kind of thing some people find funny.

All of the videos were made while the officers were on duty.

According to MCM’s report the videos are all taken at different times and in different areas of the city. Many of them are dash cam videos. All the videos were taken while the officers were on duty. Some of the videos show the men inside of an officer’s patrol car, while others show them standing next to or in front of a police car.

Neavling, who has not divulged the name of the source of the videos and text messages, gave copies of the evidence to Captain of the Grosse Pointe Park Police Force, David Loch.

Shortly after Neavling reported the story for MCM, the Huffington Post contacted the captain, in reference to the videos. On November 15, Loch responded in a statement to the Huffington Post:

“On Thursday, November 14 2013, the Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department was contacted by an individual who said that he was in possession of video clips and a photo of African American males. The video clips and photo are allegedly made by an officer of this department. The department has begun an internal investigation of this matter. The Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department does not tolerate unprofessional conduct by its officers when interacting with any citizen they may come in contact with.”

Only one of the cops involved has been named so far.

While Neavling states that the material in his possession shows that more than one officer was involved in recording and distributing the videos and photos, the only person named at this time is officer Mike Najm. According to reports from both the Huffington Post and MCM, a number of the videos and photos were sent from Najm’s personal cell phone.

Neavling has posted additional videos online here and here and here.