Right-Wing Hackers Create ‘Destroy Obamacare!’ Program, Hope To Disrupt Website

'Destroy Obamacare!' Intended To Overload Health Care Website

A new DDos tool looks to cripple or shut down the healthcare.gov website. “Destroy Obamacare!” is highly illegal but the right will probably try to use it.

The right really, really wants to destroy Obamacare. Sure, the Obamacare website has had its problems since the roll-out. We’re all disappointed and discouraged that, after all the work we’ve done to get this up and running, we are having to defend the entire idea of health care reform. Because we all know that if a website ever has problems, it should immediately be shut down. Just like YouTube was Monday when it went down for a while. Oh, it wasn’t shut down? Well, I’m sure that was an oversight.

The Obamacare website is being attacked by hackers.