Atheist 13-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Arkansas Home By ‘Christian’ Parents

13-Year-Old Out On Streets Because She's An Atheist

Informing your parents that you’re an atheist runs several risks, if your parents happen to be fundamentalist Christians. One of those risks is being abandoned to the streets.
Image: Jennifer Boyer

Atheists are people, too. Like most people, atheists move out of their parents’ home when they are somewhere in their early twenties. It’s not because they don’t want to, but they realize that living out in the world by themselves is no easy task.

Now imagine, if you will, getting kicked out at the young age of thirteen, before you even stepped foot into any high school. No job, no car. No means of supporting yourself.

This happened to a 13-year-old atheist living in Arkansas just this week. What could have possibly caused this? Did this girl steal all of her parents’ money and spent it all on drugs? Did she sneak out so often that her parents gave up on trying to keep her safe?

No, not even close. After constant questioning from her Christian mother about what religion she believed in, the young teen finally exclaimed “I’m an atheist, mom!”

An atheist! How dare she be one of those…things!

The girl’s parents were so angry to have raised an atheist they kicked her out of the house. Never mind she is only 13-years-old and anything could happen to her. The only reason her parents might be sad is because their daughter doesn’t have Jesus to guide her through this terrible time in her life.

After seeing the girl walking around tearful at school all day, a teacher called her into a conference room to talk about what had happened.

I pray to whoever is out there, even if there isn’t anyone, that the Arkansas Department of Human Resources gets involved soon. A parent cannot just kick their underage child into the streets. This is true even if their child was wild enough to be a guest on “The Jerry Springer Show.” It’s definitely true about the “crime” of being an atheist.

Kicking someone who you are supposed to care about into the streets because they do not believe in the Jesus is absolutely shameful. This girl’s parents believe and worship someone who’s main message was forgiveness, not blame.

Do these people realize that their savior did not have a huge ham on the table to celebrate Christmas because he was too busy lighting candles for his religion’s own winter holiday? Apparently not, judging by their actions.

Almost all the Christians I have ever known have been wonderful people.

Contrary to popular belief, I have never really met one that shoved their beliefs down my throat or called me any sort of name because I don’t necessarily believe in the Bible. There are only a few select groups that give a bad name to a group of people who are, for the most part, good people.

If Jesus could forgive Judas, these parents can forgive their own daughter. Religion may be important to these two but family should come first.