‘Self-Deportation’ Satire Lost On Tea Party Politician – Cites It As Policy

'Self-Deportation' Satire Still Policy For South Carolina Tea Party Candidate

Lindsey Graham’s Tea Party challenger, Lee Bright, brought up Self-Deportation in a policy discussion. Does he realize that Self-Deportation is satire? – Christopher Weyant, The Hill

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright is currently challenging 11-year Senate veteran Lindsey Graham in the Republican primary next year. The Tea Party candidate, Senator Bright is looking to be a strong rival in the polls, and has an even shot of unseating him in the primary. So, it was amusing to hear him falling for a piece of satire as a real policy last Thursday:

MODERATOR: Would you support any sort of legal status for illegals and if so, what sort of status would you have in mind you would possibly vote in favor of?
BRIGHT: I’m supportive of self-deportation. And if they don’t want to leave, if they break the law, I’m for taking them out and sending them back to wherever they came from because they need to observe our laws. So if they break the law I’m in favor of us deporting. If it comes down to a situation, I’m for self-deportation. I don’t believe in rewarding people for breaking the law.

The Satire Which Is Self-Deportation Is Lost On The Tea Party

The ghost of satire past is amused, as ‘self-deportation’ is, has always been, and always shall remain, the brainshild of Lalo Alcaraz, also known as… Daniel D. Portado!

Let us have Mr. Portado explain the origin of ‘Self-Deportation’ in his own words:

Leave it to the Tea Party to not only confuse satire for reality, but to continue using satire a year after the whole joke was revealed, on the Rachel Maddow show in February of 2012.

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Tea Party Takes Satire Seriously, As Ever.

Why is the Tea Party continuing to recite satire, pure satire, as policy, is beyond reason. It is also par for the course, with even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell taking a satirical piece for real policy. But while Senator McConnell recognized the mistake, the Tea Party continues to cling to satire as fact, almost two years after the fact.

Truly, a statement on the Tea Party themselves.