Conservative Claims About Minimum Wage Put To The Test After Town Increases It To $15

Minimum wage raised to $15 in SeaTac, WA airport town

Diehard right-wingers claim raising the minimum wage drives businesses away. This town raised it to $15, and dares companies to leave their huge airport. Image @ TeaPartyCat.Facebook

The residents of SeaTac, WA — a little hamlet of 27,667 people — are under attack by the Koch Brothers and affiliated right-wing groups, after the results of their last election. The reason why? The town dared to raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour.

SeaTac raises the minimum wage to $15 per hour, yet nobody shuts their doors.

Under the argument given by Koch and company, raising the minimum wage should force all of the local businesses to shut down and leave. But, to date, no one has made any such announcements. They can’t leave, because SeaTac is the home of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

This little town has effectively gone up to these businesses and dared them to move away. They are safe in raising the minimum wage because the airport cannot just grow legs and walk off. Neither can the infrastructure improvements that were performed on the airport. In short, it is a sucker’s bet, and the town will always win.

A dream come true for the middle class, A nightmare for the Koch brothers.

That’s a nightmare scenario for diehard right-wingers in this nation, because it means that society has woken up to their lies after decades of deceit. Jobs like the ones at this huge airport don’t depend on “job creators,” they depend on customers. 33 million passengers pass through SeaTac’s gates every year. This is called a “captive market,” and it’s a fact of life for many industries within the United States.

This means that the businesses won’t go under because of the minimum wage increase. Due to pressure from other businesses immediately outside of the town driving prices down, they won’t be able to raise prices much either. As a result, this big statement from tiny SeaTac will show the truth. Higher minimum wages do not hurt local economies, they help them.

This effort puts a dent in the Koch’s effort to create a neo-feudalist state. They have claimed the term “free market” as a code-word for their own efforts to rig capitalism in their favor. Now that a real market push has happened, they are fighting against it. They don’t want people to understand how the “free market” works, they want people to ignore them while they set themselves up as the Kings of the U.S.

What if the Right Wing is wrong?

If what Conservatives said about the minimum wage was true, they would not be in panic mode. They could just sit back and let the economy of the town collapse. But they’re not, because the opposite is happening. Which tells us precisely how much of a lie it is.

Tapping into this situation, nearby Seattle’s new member of the City Council, Kshama Sawant, has also called to raise Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 per hour as well. However, as a socialist, she has pushed for far more than that. When Boeing discussed moving its 777-X program out of the state unless Washington gives it even more tax incentives, despite having its factory and workforce here, she went on the offensive and uttered the words nobody ever thought U.S. politician would ever say. She called for a seizure of the factory, and worker production of the plane. While some might scoff, the reality is, this can happen. In Argentina, workers did just this, with workers taking over several factories in 2003. Another case had the same thing happen in Greece this year. Even in the United States, factory workers took over the former Republic Windows and Doors factory and ran it themselves.

Here’s the video:


Neo-feudalism is under attack, and that’s a great thing.

This is the endgame for the neo-Conservative movement, the neo-Feudalists who seek to dismantle the US Constitution and impose absolute dictatorship through inheritance. They have wrapped themselves in the flag while they seek to burn the nation down. They are anti-American, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Democracy. Through their agents of the Tea Party, they will not stop.

For those who seek freedom, and believe in the Constitution and the United States, the move in SeaTac is a victory against the forces of neo-feudalism, and ultimately a victory for us all.