Republican National Committee Declares End Of Racism On Rosa Parks Day (IMAGE)

Photo of Rosa Parks from Wikipedia.

On the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person, the GOP has declared that racism is over in America. Photo of Rosa Parks from Wikipedia.

On the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person, the GOP has used the occasion to declare that racism is over in America.

Republicans used Rosa Parks Day to claim that racism is over in America.

December 1st is known as Rosa Parks Day across the country. On that day in 1955, Parks remained in her seat and defied a bus driver’s order to give it up to a white person in Montgomery, AL. Her arrest sparked outrage, and ultimately led to the city integrating its bus system. It is a landmark moment in civil rights history that we celebrate each year.

But this year, instead of simply honoring Rosa Parks and her brave stand against rampant racism in the South, the Republican National Committee (RNC) chose to declare an end to racism on Twitter. The GOP seems to think racism came to a swift end across the nation 58 years ago because of Parks’ action.

“Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stance and her role in ending racism,” the tweet read.

Here’s a screen capture of the RNC’s tweet:BS tweet from the Republican National Committee claiming Rosa Parks ended racism.

Not only is racism not over in America, it runs rampant in the Republican Party itself.

So, Rosa Parks single-handedly ended racism by sitting in a bus seat and refusing to leave it? Did you hear that America? Racism is over.

No, it really isn’t. In the real world, racism is still common in our society, especially in the South. And despite their zeal to declare racism dead in America, the Republican Party itself holds racism as a virtue. Since President Barack Obama became the first black to become leader of the free world, conservatives have consistently proven that racism exists.

For instance, in August, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said racism wouldn’t exist if minorities acted more like white people. Wait, I thought racism ended in 1955. I guess Jindal didn’t get the memo from the overwhelmingly white GOP leadership.

Then there’s this new poll that reveals an astonishingly racist result. Only five percent of conservatives agree that more minorities should be elected to Congress. If racism is over, how come most conservatives still want whites to run the Senate and House?

Also, if racism is over, how come The Daily Show discovered that it still runs rampant in North Carolina? As it turns out, a GOP precinct chair aired the true racist feelings of his party on national television while being interviewed by the Comedy Central show.

But wait! There’s so much more. Even though the Republican Party would love it if everyone believed that racism is over, their strategy wasn’t adhered to by Senator Ted Cruz. During a speech delivered to the Heritage Foundation in September, Cruz said that the Senate would work better if it were full of racists.

In October, video surfaced of a GOP state Representative in Nevada telling his constituents that he would gladly vote to bring back slavery.

Two months before that, a conservative in Maine called Obama a “n****r” and called for his assassination. Gee, and here I thought racism was over because the GOP said so.

In addition to all of this evidence, the fact that Tea Party supporters have held up racist signs and confederate flags during rallies also contradicts the whole GOP “racism is over” claim. Furthermore, Republicans across the country have pursued and enacted voter suppression laws that disproportionately target African-Americans and other minority voters. This was made possible by the “not racist” conservative majority on the Supreme Court who gutted the Voting Rights Act.

Republicans backtracked on their tweet less than four hours later.

Clearly, racism is not dead, nor did it end the day Rosa Parks stood up to the racist state of Alabama in 1955. Republicans seem to have recognized this, because only hours after their first tweet, they posted a second one in an effort to backtrack.

“Previous tweet should have read “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism.””

Here’s a screen capture of that tweet.

RNC tweet backpedalling on previous tweet about Rosa Parks ending racism.

Did Republicans simply make a mistake or did they hijack Rosa Parks Day on purpose to push their agenda?

Honest error or blatant attempt to use Rosa Parks Day to push their claim that racism is over? Considering all the racism demonstrated by Republicans since 2008, and just in the last couple years alone, one can only conclude that the GOP tried to hijack Rosa Parks to once again falsely claim that racism is dead. And when they got caught, they ran away from their previous tweet.

Rosa Parks is a hero for the work she did during the civil rights movement and afterwards. As great as it would be to proclaim racism over in America, it’s just not possible right now. And when that day does come, it certainly won’t be because the Republican Party helped bring it to an end. If anything, America will move away from its racist past dragging the GOP kicking and screaming along the way. As long as conservatives continue to pursue racist policies, make racist statements, and cling to a bygone era when slavery and Jim Crow dominated American culture, racism will never truly die. That is not only a sad legacy for America, but also for the Republican Party that once led the fight for civil rights when it began as a liberal movement 159 years ago.