What Was That About Obamacare Being Bad For The Economy? 203,000 Jobs Added In November

Remember how Republicans have constantly claimed that Obamacare would kill jobs and hurt the economy? Well, according to the latest jobs report, that GOP narrative has just imploded.

What did Republicans say about Obamacare being a jobs killer?

“In my opinion Obamacare is the biggest job killer we have in America today,” Speaker John Boehner said as Republicans took over the House in January 2011. The unemployment rate at that time stood at 9 percent, and the bulk of the Obamacare law had yet to be implemented. Fast-forward to the present day and it turns out the GOP was full of crap.

Tens of thousands of people are enrolling in Obamacare.

It’s true that the Obamacare roll-out had major issues, as has many of the other great sweeping programs that have been set up by the federal government. But that was in October. It’s December now and things have positively changed. In the first two days of December, nearly 30,000 Americans signed up for health insurance on the Healthcare.gov website. That’s double the number that signed up in all of October. It’s a vast improvement considering the site was finally patched up at the end of last month. Clearly, people are beginning to sign up in droves. So, that means the economy is going to be gutted, right? Republicans did say that Obamacare would annihilate jobs, did they not?

Despite Republican prophecies of doom and gloom, Obamacare hasn’t killed jobs.

Unfortunately for the GOP, their claim has just been blown to smithereens by the latest jobs report. According to the New York Times, 203,000 jobs were added to the economy in November. In addition, the Times reports:

“The better-than-expected data from the Labor Department on Friday follows other hopeful economic indicators this week, including an upward revision for economic growth in the third quarter on Thursday and an uptick in manufacturing reported on Monday.”

The unemployment rate is at its lowest in five years.

In a further effort to burst the Republican effort to slander Obamcare, the improving economy includes an unemployment of 7 percent. It marks the lowest rate since President Obama took office all the way back in January 2009. Due to the GOP-caused recession in 2008, the unemployment rate didn’t peak until late 2009, when it hit 10%. The next year, the Affordable Care Act was passed and began to be implemented.

Since it’s passage, Republicans have been nothing but apocalyptic about Obamacare, especially in the months leading up to the roll-out of the exchanges. ‘It’s a job killer,’ they claimed. ‘It will hurt our economy,’ they bellowed. Well, Obamacare has been rolled out and people are signing up by the tens of thousands. And yet, the economy is only improving. The unemployment rate is at its lowest in five years and three out of the last four months has seen the addition of 200,000 jobs. Housing has improved. Manufacturing has improved. And millions of Americans are finally getting accessible health care coverage across the country. The sky hasn’t fallen. And that must enrage conservatives.

Obamacare is actually creating jobs.

Here’s something else that will probably make conservative heads explode. Obamacare creates jobs as well. Think about it. A big health care law like this demands the growth of many fields to handle the influx of millions of Americans into the health care system. Even Fox Business admits this. But just in case you don’t want to take Fox’s word for it, Marketwatch also says that Obamacare will create jobs in many fields, even in some outside of the health care realm. Obamacare has even impacted the likes of Disney World, which promoted hundreds of part-time workers to full-time employment thanks to the law.

Looks like The GOP will have to keep trying to sabotage the economy themselves since Obamacare isn’t helping them do it.

So, the unemployment rate is down. The economy is in the midst of adding hundreds of thousands of jobs per month. Tens of thousands of people are enrolling in Obamacare. The Healthcare.gov website has been fixed. The economy hasn’t collapsed because people have easier access to health care coverage. And Obamacare is actually creating jobs in many fields of employment. It looks like Republicans will have to keep trying to sabotage the economy themselves if they want President Obama and his landmark health care law to fail. Because Obamacare sure isn’t helping them do it.