John McCain Blasts Obama-Raul Castro Handshake, Forgets He Met With Al-Qaeda Fighters

Author: December 10, 2013 8:38 pm
John McCain Trashes Obama-Raul Castro Handshake, Forgets He Met With Al-Qaeda

Old John McCain has attacked President Obama for shaking the hand of Castro, forgetting that he met with known terrorists Anwar Ibrahim and Mohammad Nour.

Sen. John McCain is getting all confused and having yet another Abe Simpson senior moment. Sometimes having  moments of clarity, John McCain more often than not turns out to be the cantankerous codger disguised as a scooby-doo villain.

Sen. John McCain freaks out over President Obama shaking hands with Cuba’s Raul Castro.

Following the memorial service for South African icon Nelson Mandela, President Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro exchanged a handshake. John McCain briefly took time out from Benghazi Bingo at the old folks home to weigh in:

“It gives Raul some propaganda to continue to prop up dictatorial, brutal regime, that’s all it is, the Arizona Republican insisted.“Why should you shake hands with somebody who’s keeping Americans in prison?” “I mean, what’s the point?” he added. “Neville Chamberlain shook hands with Hitler.” (Raw Story)

Perhaps I didn’t get the tweet, but is likening President Obama to Chamberlain the new little black dress these days? First, Ted Cruz previously said that funding Obama’s AFA was akin to appeasing Hitler. Then the daffy Washington Times called him “Barack Neville Chamberlain” over his deal with Iran’s nuclear freeze. Regarding Raul Castro, sure he’s a dick and suppresses open government and democratic norms. But he’s not anywhere close to the usual pro-west monsters America supports. In fact, Raul has accelerated economic reforms. Further, he appears to be following in the path of China’s Den Xiaoping following Mao’s death. But America always needs an enemy, and John McCain just wants to reflect on the cherished past when American hated Cuba. (Cue Edith Bunker) Those were the days!

John McCain Forgot His Friends from Al Qaeda, Anwar Ibrahim and Mohammad Nour.

Hilariously enough, the Arizona Senator appears to have overlooked his own meeting with Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists fighting in Syria’s civil war.  A strident critic of Obama’s Syria policy and huge advocate of military action, John McCain sneaked across the Syrian border and met with rebels in May of this year. During that time, John McCain met with two infamous Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists who had been involved in the abduction of a group of Lebanese pilgrims. John McCain was later criticized by a Syrian woman at a town hall for his support of the Al-Qaeda linked fighters.

Once again, we see the Right jumping to baseless conclusions and smears to discredit the young black punk at any chance they get.

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