Ron Paul Hates The United States


Breaking down his time in public office, his positions, his votes, and his actions since leaving, there is no other way to put it – Ron Paul Hates America.

There is no delicate way to put this. After years of running for president as well as his decades in congress, combined with his positions on everything from equal rights to economics , the truth is self-evident.

Ron Paul Hates America.

But don’t tell him that. He loves America in his eyes. The problem is that the America he loves is a fantasy, it never existed. The true America he detests, and loathes. Why else would be call for a a second civil war? Why else would he attend an anti-semitic conference? Why else indeed.

He is just exploiting the ill-informed. Ron Paul’s ties to shady groups demonstrate how he is one of the most corrupt members of congress. His activities waste taxpayer money on pointless symbolic measures which have no real value, pandering to the ill-educated for votes. He has engaged in schemes to sell off public property to pad his own pockets, has been found involved in bribery scandals, and in a show of hypocrisy he collects social security while trying to cut it for everyone else.

In reality he secretly hates the free market he proclaims to support. He has embraced love of failed economic concepts in defiance of reality. Instead of being the beacon of honesty, he has ripped-off the taxpayer. He believes women deserve to be harassed and sexually abused in the workplace, normal for someone supported by prostitution. He believes those impacted by natural disasters should sufferblaming the victims. He does not even understand the Bill of Rights.

While he has denied it, he has many racist fans. Even Apple’s Siri is a fan. But in reality he is a white supremacistsupported by neo-nazi’s. Some even have claimed he is a firm believer in Nazi ideology. Likely because he pals around with neo-nazis.

What About His Moral Code?

Contrary to popular belief, he has no wish to let people live with personal freedom. When he is presented with the opportunity he demonstrates a desire to force his religious views onto the country. From supporting those who want to put homosexuals to death to stripping the rights of women. He believes in slave owner rights and eliminating education for all but the elite. He supports Al Qaeda and blames big government for 9/11. His love of conspiracy theories is paired with his desire to dismantle the United States itself by applying the long-disproven political concept of nullification. He even wants to drive people into poverty, and despite his campaigning on economic policy, even a casual inspection reveals that he does not comprehend even basic economics.

Ron Paul lives in a dream land, and still is pushing the false mantra of the gold standard. He has called for an armed takeover of the government. He cultivates fear of government secrets while also  believing that people should not know the secrets held by the government. He is even a fan of the anti-American John Birch Society. He even has ties to illegal methamphetamine production, such a moral and upright citizen.

Cult Of Selfishness And The Evil Man.

All part of his promotion of selfishness. He fails to grasp that his hero Ayn Rand was wrong, and sociopathic. His discussions revealed that he does not even understand the core of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. He just does not grasp that her fictional ‘perfect man,’ John Galt, was nothing but a terrorist. In short, he fails to even be a decent human being.

Ron Paul, for his time on the national stage, has inspired a group of people with his fake rhetoric. He proclaims whatever he can in order to fleece them out of money. They are his followers to a cult of personality, there only for him to separate from their hard earned money. He is a taker, a con man, a charlatan. And now he is passing his mantle to his crowned prince, Rand.

Ron Paul hates what America stands for, and has taught his son Rand well. Expect 2016 to be a fight between the anti-American forces of the Tea Party and those who wish to maintain our nation, and perhaps even reverse the decades of slide.