If Santa Can Be Black, Martin Luther King Jr Can Be White, Says Radio Host

If Santa's black, then MLK's white, claims right-wing radio host

Santa is once again being claimed as white, this time by a right-wing radio host who now proclaims that if Santa can be black, Martin Luther King is White. – Photo by DJ Lorelei depicting how Santa should be a Ferret.

The “White Santa” issue continues to gain ever more dimensions as the right-wing pundits demand to turn a Turkish bishop into a white nordic figure. Now, Herman Cain radio show guest host Neal Boortz spoke with a caller and stated that not only were Jesus and Santa white, that if people are able to change them from white, that he should have the right to claim that Martin Luther King was also white.

Hear this bizarre clip for yourself here:

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Santa Claus is white!” Boortz exclaims. “Okay? Deal with it!”

“Everything has got to be black now, it doesn’t matter what it is,” the caller laments.

“You know, I’m going to scream and complain because Martin Luther King is always portrayed as black,” Boortz quips. “It just ain’t right.”

As mentioned before, Santa Claus, who is mainly based on Saint Nicholas, was from the Middle East. Jesus was Jewish. Both men were brown-skinned, not white. But, at the mere thought that the men are presented as culturally sensitive, Mr. Boortz wants to try and steal away yet another historical figure to make them white. He seems to have failed and grasp that this is the problem in the first place.

Mr. Boortz is in effect going “if you want to take away the figure we’re already stolen, we are going to steal another.” This is beyond silly, and is downright insulting and even bigoted. Santa is a Turk, not some pale skinned Coca-Cola advertisement.

Majority Losing Grip Over Stranglehold On Santa Depictions.

The thin-skinned right-wing host and his radio guest are in the majority in this nation. They have used that position to force their viewpoint and structure onto the nation. They have forced the image of a white Jesus and Santa onto a population which has now decided that they want a more accurate representation. And the bigoted portion of the majority is freaking out.

They have to wake up to the fact that the United States is not a static presence, with a population that is unchanging. Cultures change, population shifts, and the demographics are in flux. The reality is that the white population is not growing, but is shrinking and eventually will find itself no longer the majority in this nation. But their insistence of pushing a false narrative is only making them look to be bigots, racists, and flat-out stupid.