Former General And Tea Party Activist Calls For Uprising And Obama’s Arrest

Paul Vallely calls for citizens' arrest, uprising against Obama.

Retired General Paul Vallely is calling for an Egyptian style uprising AND a citizens’ arrest in the Tea Party’s ongoing fight against President Obama. Photo of General (Retired) Paul Vallely from Wikipedia.

Former general and Tea Party activist Paul Vallely is calling for the citizens of the U.S. to arrest President Obama. According to Right Wing Watch, Vallely said:

“I would say if we can make citizens’ arrest, I challenge our government that if we have people that are conducting treason against the United States and the best interests of our country, violating the Constitution, violating our laws, just as they are doing with these excessive executive orders that are coming out of the White House where you have a President and his team that doesn’t care about the Constitution.”

He’s also calling for an Egyptian-style uprising against the U.S. government, a national recall election, and marching on state capitols. According to nutty right-wing site WorldNetDaily, Vallely said he’s getting lots of calls for interviews, and that millions of Tea Party Americans are looking for the type of leadership he and his compatriots are willing to provide. He said his ideas are resonating all over the country.

Paul Vallely is looking for a new George Washington.

He fancies that he’s looking for today’s George Washington; a man with Washington’s legendary leadership qualities to lead his people to freedom against an oppressive, corrupt, tyrannical government. He says the credibility of the current leadership is gone.

That’s true, but probably not from the perspective that he thinks is so popular. Vallely blames the Obama administration for throwing the rule of law out the window, when the truth is, it’s been going out the window for a very long time. WorldNetDaily listed all the promises that some claim Obama hasn’t kept, as if this is something new. It’s not. Presidents and countless members of Congress have broken promises left and right, for decades.

Vallely endorsed Larry Klayman’s march on Washington, which was supposed to draw a hundred million people. Instead, the rally fizzled so badly only about a hundred people showed up. Other rallies and events are considerably smaller now than they used to be. And a Gallup poll released on Dec. 11, 2013, shows that Tea Party support is at a record low of 22%. 24% call themselves outright opponents, while 48% are neutral. A majority of Americans now say they have an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party, for the first time in history.

Vallely subscribes to the usual Tea Party delusions.

The problem with what Vallely and others like him want is that they can’t see the forest for the trees. The Tea Party isn’t this wildly popular movement, drawing huge numbers of people. He and other Tea Party “leaders” might be wildly popular among the Tea Partiers, but not among the general population. The Tea Party suffers from serious delusions caused, in part, by hyper-partisan districts. The reason that’s a source of delusion is because it is very, very easy to believe that everyone everywhere thinks the same way you do when everyone you know (or represent) thinks that way.

Apparently, these delusions aren’t limited to people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Vallely seriously believes that there’s a large majority of Americans who are so fed up with liberals, and Democrats, that they’ll back the Tea Party if it just has the right leadership. But there is very little evidence to support that idea. The polls don’t back it up. The 2012 elections didn’t. The 2013 elections didn’t, either. Business groups are openly targeting Tea Party candidates and incumbents. Other Republicans are distancing themselves from the Tea Party, too.

Yet Tea Party conservatives ignore all of this, and keep pushing the same message that Vallely is trying to get across. Obama is dangerous, liberals are dangerous, and their policies are sending us straight towards a Soviet or Nazi regime. And establishment Republicans are complicit in this atrocity. Vallely likely believes in the old adage that says, “Sometimes, doing the right thing means standing alone.”

Vallely, his cohorts, and the Tea Party, are likely to continue getting embarrassed on the national stage, no matter what they do.