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Right-Wing Facebook Page Calls For National Lynch President Obama Day (IMAGE)

Conservative facebook page openly calls for lynching President Obama. "Another cause for Negroes leaving the South was lynching" - painting by Jacob Lawrence

Hey, Secret Service, here’s the right-wing Facebook page that says we should lynch President Obama and declare the day of his killing a national holiday. “Another cause for Negroes leaving the South was lynching” abstract painting by the ‘dynamic cubism’ painter Jacob Lawrence via Wikimedia Commons.

A new year is dawning and many Americans are making their new year resolutions across the country. But it appears the only resolution conservatives are making is to continue their effort to kill President Barack Obama by any means necessary.

A right-wing Facebook page wants to lynch President Barack Obama and declare the day of his killing a national holiday.

On December 30th at 1:09pm, right-wing Facebook page ‘America the next Generation‘ posted a picture that should spark investigations and arrests. The offensive photo shows the president with a noose around his neck. He’s about to be lynched and the words ‘The Making of a National Holiday’ are scrawled across it. The text above the post reads: “A holiday we could all celebrate as justice would be served.”

Steve Marmel, a TV writer and producer with a left-wing Facebook page found the meme and posted it with the message, “Hey Secret Service, got another one for ya!” as shown here.

Hey Secret Service, Got Another One For Ya. Steve Marmel's post with a right-wing facebook post showing an Obama lynching.

This handy “Hey Secret Service! Got Another One For Ya” from Steve Marmel‘s Facebook page gives us an easy way to notify the Secret Service about that right-wing Obama lynching post. Yes, the US Secret Service does have a Facebook page.

They must have taken it down, because when you click on the link from Marmel’s Facebook page, an error message appears saying the photo is “unavailable.” Here’s the image, as it originally appeared on America the next Generation‘s Facebook page.

Post from right-wing facebook page calling for lynching president Obama and making it a national holiday.

This post from the right-wing Facebook page, America the Next Generation, got lots of comments and “likes” before they took it down.

Before the post got taken down, many people commented in support of the tasteless image. Some even suggested that those who speak out against it be strung up as well. In other words, to these sick people, all of those who support President Obama should be killed. The Facebook page image is obviously photo-shopped. President Obama’s head has been placed over Saddam Hussein’s. Click here to see the source photo, which shows Saddam Hussein being hung.

Threatening the President is a felony, even if it’s done on a Facebook page

Once again, conservatives are taking their hatred of President Barack Obama to the extreme. Not satisfied with merely criticizing Obama’s policies, they have called for killing our first Black president since we voted him into office in 2008. This latest Facebook page image is particularly offensive since it portrays Obama as he is about to be lynched. Lynching was a method of execution favored by southern conservative white people against black people in the Deep South from 1882 through 1968. Apparently, these racists still favor it. In addition, the right-wing group also has a gun fetish and supports the removing President Obama from office by force.

According to United States Code Title 18, Section 871, threatening the President’s life is a felony. Therefore, the Secret Service should do their job and charge the owners of the page. And while they’re at it, they can charge them with treason too. Also, Facebook should take the entire page down and ban the creators. Calling for hanging the legally elected President is not protected “free speech.”

Conservatives have used Facebook to call for Obama’s killing on multiple occasions.

Conservatives love using Facebook to threaten President Obama’s life. In November, just as Americans were marking the anniversary of the JFK assassination, a right-wing militia leader called for killing Obama on his Facebook page. In his post, he claimed he had the constitutional right to do so. In December 2011, yet another crazy right-winger used Facebook to call for murdering Obama and his family. And in August, a Maine conservative also threatened Obama on Facebook.

Hate, violence, and death have run rampant in right-wing circles for too long.

These Facebook posts are not simple protests of President Obama and his policies. They are incitements of violence against him and the legally elected government of this nation. They break US law and Facebook standards and there should be real consequences. The posts should be removed. The Facebook pages should be taken down and the admins should be banned. They should be investigated and charged by the Secret Service. This kind of outrageous and offensive behavior has gone on for too long. A message must be sent that it won’t be tolerated. The right-wing uses the threat of bloody violence in an effort to take America backwards. Not only is it dangerous to our elected officials, but to our system of government and the American people as well. While liberals try to find peaceful solutions to America’s problems in order to move the country forward, the right-wing is obsessed with gun violence, military coups, uprisings, revolutions, overthrowing the government, and assassinations. This madness has to end before it ends America.