God Spoke To Pat Robertson About The Coming Year: See Who’s In Trouble Now

Pat Robertson predicts disaster in 2014... for Democrats

Pat Robertson predicts a nuclear Iran, economic disaster, and more calamities for 2014. These miseries just happen to be very good for the GOP’s agenda.

Televangelist Pat Robertson has dire warnings for the U.S. and the world in 2014. Among those warnings are Iran emerging as a nuclear power, and severe economic crises for the world. These are only really problems, though, if you’re not Republican. If you are, then these things are good because they will catapult Republicans into power in 2014 and 2016.

Pat Robertson’s need for GOP wins causes him to predict those wins, even after he’s proven wrong.

Of course, Pat Robertson would predict that the GOP will win big. Lots of people have been predicting that since 2010. He is, however, trying to be “safe” with his predictions. He said that the GOP would not win a veto-proof majority in Congress. He also qualified everything he said with:

What is He going to do this year? I offer that with humility saying, let’s see what happens, check it out when the year is over: Was I right or wrong?

So he left himself an out, “just in case.”

Pat Robertson very likely wants the GOP to win so badly that he’ll “hear from God” all sorts of things that favor them. The GOP is in line with his own beliefs, which are, of course, in line with God’s agenda. For instance, he said that God will punish America if peace erupts between Israel and Palestine. Obama’s been pursuing peace in the region for some time.

He also blames the Establishment Clause for an alleged loss of Christian faith in this country. Abolishing prayer and Bible-reading in public schools has apparently caused us to lose our core values as Americans.

In 2012, he believed God told him that Obama would lose. Essentially, God said that our president “holds views which are at odds with the majority.” Considering the majority voted for Obama, that would point to either Pat Robertson, or God, being wrong.

Pat Robertson also likes to tell people that bad things happen to them because they didn’t pray enough, or didn’t pray correctly. Since he’s so often wrong about what God tells him, one would think he’d keep quieter about how to pray. One thing that at least some Evangelical churches teach is that what you personally want can influence what you hear God telling you. So you have to learn to discern what’s you, and what’s God. Pat Robertson clearly has yet to learn that discernment, because God appears to tell him an awful lot of lies.

Pat Robertson supports economic disaster that would hurt millions of Americans… if it means putting the GOP back into power.

Surprisingly, he did tell the GOP that they needed to give up the shutdown fight. But he did that because he didn’t want the GOP to be tarred and feathered any more than they already were. At least he knew that public opinion on that wasn’t going to change, no matter how badly certain members of the Tea Party kept trying to ignore it.

It wouldn’t have been surprising to see him support such an economic disaster as defaulting on our debt if public opinion had been with the GOP instead of Obama and the Democrats. He wants economic disaster now so it sweeps the GOP into power. Pat Robertson’s only issue there is that there are polls showing that the public still blames Bush for our economic woes. That makes the public more likely to continue blaming Republicans for economic problems, despite what they, and Pat Robertson, keep trying to say.

So if God’s really talking, people like Pat Robertson would likely do well to actually try and hear him correctly. If they’re right about their religion, then their God is never wrong. They’re the ones who’re wrong in their predictions, but they’re too biased to know better.