Hate Group Sends Death Threat To Mixed-Race Family (VIDEOS)

Hate group sends death threat to mixed-race family. In The Name Of God, The Sons Of Liberty Promise Violence Against Interracial Family In Missouri

A mixed-race family got a scary letter from their local hate group, threatening to strike ‘enemies’ like ‘rag-heads, mixed breeders and their offspring.’

A mixed race family in Crystal City, Missouri, received a disturbing letter the day after Christmas. The letter states that a racist hate group, calling itself The Sons Of Liberty, has targeted them as “enemies.” The threat was directed at all members of the family, including the children.

The hate group’s letter threatened to strike ‘rag-heads, mixed breeders and their offspring.’

According to KMOV4 out of St. Louis, the letter was hand-delivered, by someone who knocked on the door. The person then put the letter in the mailbox and left the area before he or she could be seen. The hate group’s letter states that The Sons Of Liberty have sworn to take up arms against all ‘enemies of the United Sates’, including:

“…rag-heads, mixed breeders and their offspring.”

The letter goes on to say that the group plans to:

“strike our enemies when the day comes.”

This hate group’s letter using social media and right wing radio to spread their extremist agenda.

According to the report, local authorities say they are are not aware of a group called The Sons Of Liberty operating in the Crystal City, MO area. However, across the river from Crystal City, there’s an Illinois-based militia group that also calls itself The Sons Of Liberty. They’ve been actively recruiting new members and connecting with other hate groups across the United States, using social media. Here’s a post from the hate group’s facebook page, which explicitly says they seek to stay under the radar while expanding their influence.


A radical right-wing blogger called on this hate group to attack democratic offices in 2010.

In 2010, after the President signed the ACA bill into law, a right-wing blogger by the name of Mike Vanderboegh called on The Sons of Liberty to attack democratic party offices. Following this, windows were smashed out in Democratic offices across the country. Vanderboegh also called on The Sons Of Liberty to prepare for a Civil war. He claims there are three million armed gun owners who can put a bullet through the heart of the “enemies of America.” Rachel Maddow covered this story on March 23, 2010.

Here’s the video with Rachel Maddow:


The Sons of Liberty of Illinois claims they are not a racist hate group.

The Sons of Liberty of Illinois have a YouTube video where they claim that their hate group is not racist. The Sons Of Liberty Facebook page, on the other hand, gives a pretty clear picture of what the group doesn’t consider to be racist. The page is filled with your typical right-wing fanatic rantings, climate change denial, Benghazi hysteria, liberal bashing and numerous rantings about the horrors of being asked to pay taxes. And of course there are many pictures of guns, including a ‘Merry Christmas’ meme, which features a handgun. Also on the Sons Of Liberty Facebook page, a post supporting pedophile Phil Robertson and his anti-gay hate speech. Add to this toxic mix posts in which all Muslims are grouped into the category of ‘evil,’ and comments where Muslims are referred to as ‘goat herders.’ There is also a lengthy Facebook post in which the page admin talks about how the Democrats shoved a black president down people’s throats, thereby destroying America and setting race relations back hundreds of years.

Here’s the video that claims the Sons of Liberty of Illinois are not racist.


The hate group may also be connected to the Sons Of Liberty Radio Network.

Another possible connection is a right wing radio program, called Sons of Liberty radio. The radio show, while claiming to be doing “God’s work,” carries the same type of extreme right-wing, tea party propaganda that can be seen on the group’s Facebook page. Interestingly, the letter that was delivered to the Missouri family also contains references to God and doing God’s work. Whether the letter writer acted alone or is working with other groups around the country has yet to be seen. At the moment the only thing linking the threatening letter to the Facebook page, the right-wing radio program or the right wing blogosphere, is the name The Sons Of Liberty.

Hate speech results in hate crimes.

There’s no doubt that a connection exists between the hate filled agenda of right-wing bloggers, social media groups and radio programs. Whether the letter writer is a lone, obsessed follower of right wing radio, or a part of a much bigger plan for violence, has yet to be seen. If The Sons Of Liberty group is making contact with similar groups, as their Facebook page claims, then there is a strong possibility that an underground network of armed, racist fanatics with this agenda, already exists. It’s chilling to consider the possibility that they may have “people scattered all over the country,” who are conspiring to ‘strike’ their perceived enemies ‘when the day comes.’ Under federal law, a threat like this would be considered a hate crime. The fact that the letter was placed into the family’s mailbox, may also make it possible for authorities to charge the people responsible with other federal crimes. When those responsible for this hate crime are caught, they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Here is a local news report on the incident.