Watch ‘Christian’ Radio Host Bryan Fischer Freak Out About Possible OK Satan Statue

Satanic Temple statue freaks out 'Christian' radio host Bryan Fisher.

The statue proposed by the Satanic Temple for the Oklahoma state capitol grounds just achieved a major victory. It made radio host Bryan Fischer freak out.

The statue proposed by the Satanic Temple for the Oklahoma state capitol grounds just achieved a major victory. It made “Christian” radio host Bryan Fischer freak out.

Bryan Fischer freaked out about the proposed Satanic Temple statue on Oklahoma capitol grounds.

Just days ago, the Satanic Temple unveiled the design of their proposed monument, a Sabbatic Goat known as Baphomet seated in a throne flanked by cheerful children. Bryan Fischer, of course, doesn’t like it one bit. During his program on Tuesday, the AFA spokesman and anti-gay bigot attempted to convince everyone how dangerous such a statue is. In short, he flipped his lid.

“People don’t believe in Satan,” Fischer claimed despite the fact that there IS a Satanic Temple and that thousands of people practice Satanism around the world, including in the United States.

“That is really one of the major problems here,” Fischer continued. “People just laugh at this. They think, oh, it is harmless, isn’t that cute? Kids sitting up in the lap of this Satanic statue — doing what — sitting on the lap of Satan for ‘inspiration and contemplation.’ They think it is harmless. Well, it is not. I mean, that is a representation of Satan. That is often the way he manifests himself to people when he wants them to see what he kind of looks like symbolically, that is how he shows up, this goat with the horns and all that. So, it is not a laughing matter. It is not an innocent, harmless thing.”

Here’s the video via Raw Story.

Shouldn’t bible-thumping Bryan Fischer know what Satan looks like?

For someone who claims to have read the Bible, Fischer sure doesn’t know what Satan looks like. In the Bible, Satan is described as a serpent or dragon. Satan has even been described as a multi-headed beast with characteristics of a leopard, a bear, and a lion. Satan is never depicted or described as a goat. Furthermore, the Baphomet figure that Fischer is whining about only dates back to the 1800s while Satan was only depicted as a goat figure in medieval times, after the Bible had already been written. So, Fischer is not only terrible at biblical knowledge, he doesn’t know history either.

The Satanic Temple was the first to propose their own monument in Oklahoma and others are following suit.

In December, the Satanic Temple of New York applied to erect a monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma statehouse. The statue would be built in the proximity of the Ten Commandments memorial that Republicans paved the way for in 2009. That was the year when the Oklahoma GOP stuck their noses into religion in the name of Christianity. Of course, their plan backfired because other groups now want to be represented at the capitol.

A Hindu group would like a statue of Lord Hanuman on the capitol grounds as well. PETA and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have also expressed interest. Of course, Oklahoma Republicans aren’t thrilled by any of these requests.

The fact that Bryan Fischer is mad about the Satan statue is hilarious.

Since a statue of Satan freaks out the GOP and Bryan Fischer so much, it makes perfect sense to keep pushing for it’s construction. If conservatives hate it, it must be good. Plus, it’ll teach them a lesson. After all, the constitutions of the US and Oklahoma demand tolerance of all religions. Oklahoma Republicans can either obey constitutional law and include other religions, or they can tear down the Ten Commandments statue and stay out of religion once and for all. And just imagine how pissed off conservatives will be when they have to look at a monument to Satan in the heart of right-wing-land. Bryan Fischer may not find that funny, but those of us who truly understand religious freedom will find it hilarious.