GOP Congressman Attacks Free School Lunches, Then Sticks Taxpayers With $4,182 Tab (VIDEO)

GOP Rep. attacks free school lunches, sticks taxpayers with $4,182 tab. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA)

While this GOP congressman whines about poor kids getting free school lunches, he stuffs his own face with $4,182 in meals and charges it to US taxpayers. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) defends his taxpayer-funded meals to NBC WSAV-3.

Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston hates the free school lunch program that provides meals to poor students. So much in fact, that he wants to dismantle it. However, he sure doesn’t mind sticking taxpayers with the bill for his own meals, thus committing hypocrisy in the process.

Georgia Republican Jack Kingston gets free taxpayer-funded meals while he whines about the school lunch program.

In December, Georgia GOP Rep. Jack Kingston told a group of Republicans that poor kids should only have two options to get a school lunch. Either they should be bullied out of whatever change they may have in their pockets, or they should be forced to work for their meals as their classmates watch. According to Kingston, this will teach kids that there is “no such thing as a free lunch.”

This logic seems to be lost on Kingston himself. Because apparently, he has been getting thousands of dollars worth of free meals funded by taxpayers.

NBC affiliate WSAV 3 in Savannah, Georgia revealed this week that Kingston has racked up a mighty large meal tab that he has gleefully charged to taxpayers. In all, taxpayers have provided $4,182 worth of free business meals to Kingston and his staff over the last three years alone. In addition, taxpayers have also paid for his lunches overseas during trips as a House Appropriations Committee member.

Here’s the video of WSAV 3 TV’s exposé of our anti-free school lunch congressman.


It takes more taxpayer dollars to feed a congressman than it does to feed a poor student.

While Congressman Kingston whines about poor kids getting a meal in their bellies courtesy of taxpayers, he stuffs his own face with food paid for by those same taxpayers. So how does that compare to students? According to the USDA, the average cost of a school lunch is less than $2.59. If a student gets a free lunch for a month of school days, that comes out to $51.80. For an entire school year of about 180 days, that turns out to be $466.80. In order to equal Rep. Kingston’s meal tab for three years, that one student would have to get a free lunch every school day for nine years. In other words, Kingston costs taxpayers more to feed than a poor student. Plus, let’s not forget that Kingston is entering his 21st year as a congressman, so his total meal expenses will be a hell of a lot higher than just $4,182. It could run into the tens of thousands.

Jack Kingston is a greedy hypocrite.

And it’s not like Jack Kingston is a poor man. He has been a congressman since 1993. That means he has been making at least $133,000 every year for the past 20 years, and taxpayers have paid every nickel of it. He makes $174,000 now. Kingston’s taxpayer salary is enough to pay for school lunches for 372 poor students for a year. Clearly, he can afford to pay for his own meals and for those of his staff. Instead, he leeches off the backs of struggling Americans. Yet, Kingston believes taxpayers feeding poor hungry students is a problem? If anyone should be shaken down or forced to work for their meals, it’s Jack Kingston. Because it is clear that he cares more about filling his own belly than he does about feeding hungry kids so they can learn properly at school. This is a prime example of Republican hypocrisy and greed.