Feds Launch Investigation Into Governor Christie’s Misuse Of Disaster Funds (VIDEOS)

Governor Christie spent $25 million in disaster funds on campaign ads. NJ Governor Christie and President Obama break up after post-Sandy idyll.

Governor Christie spent $25 million in federal disaster relief funds to buy television ads during his 2012 campaign, starring himself and his family. Image by Elisabeth Parker for AI.

CNN reported over the weekend that federal authorities have opened an investigation into Governor Christie’s alleged mishandling of disaster relief funds, intended for victim’s of Hurrican Sandy. As of January 2014, many New Jersey residents are still waiting on disaster relief funds, following one of the most devastating natural disasters in modern history. Even so, just before the 2012 elections, Governor Christie poured $25 million from the disaster relief fund into a serious of ads, featuring himself and his family.

 $25 million dollars of relief money was spent on ads starring Governor Christie and his family.

The ads, which show Governor Christie, along with his wife and children, aired in the months leading up to the 2012 election. While they do not directly promote Christie as a candidate for governor, according to CNN, Governor Christie turned down a bid from a company offering to create the ‘New Jersey Tourism’ ad campaign. That bid was a full $2 million dollars lower than the bid that Governor Christie accepted. The most noticable difference between the two bids, is that the company that was chosen to create the ads offered to feature Chris Christie and his family, while the other company did not.

Governor Christie’s choice to use hurricane relief funds to run a series of television ads, rather than help struggling citizens, is bad enough. But information suggests that he paid $2 million dollars more for the ads, in order to make sure that he and his family were promoted in them. This was done during the height of his campaign for governor of the state.

Governor Christie’s wife promoted the ads on Fox News.

The ads were seen by more than 70 percent of New Jersey residents. There’s little doubt they were  used to help promote Christie himself, during his campaign for reelection. Here’s a video of Governor Christie’s wife singing the song from the ads “Stronger than the Storm.” on Fox News.

Here’s the video from Fox News.


 E-mails show the agenda of Governor Christie’s administration was neither moderate nor bi-partisan.

Following hurricane Sandy, NJ Governor Christie tried to set himself a part from the rest of the obstructionist GOP, by supposedly “reaching across party lines.” Governor Christie claimed that it wasn’t about politics, and he made a big showing of his ‘great concern’ for NJ residents, many of whom lost everything during Hurricane Sandy. It seems many NJ voters were taken in by his theatrics.

Since then it’s been reported that Governor Christie’s staff politically targeted democratic voters. Emails show that they plotted against the citizens of Fort Lee, many of whom supported Barbara Buono’s campaign for NJ Governor.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,”

one of Governor Christie’s top officials wrote.

Others expressed pleasure at the thought of the children of ‘Buono voters’ not being able to get to school, after top staffers ordered three lanes of traffic closed down around the George Washington Bridge. Emergency services were delayed. Police, fire and ambulance vehicles were stuck in traffic, in one case for over an hour. EMS took twice as long as usual to reach a 91 year old woman, who was unconscious at her home. She died shortly after reaching the hospital. In the midst of this chaos, one unidentified Christie staffer asked in an email,

 “Is it wrong that I’m smiling?”

It’s immoral to take money that was meant for disaster victims, using it to make TV commercials, starring yourself.

The residents of New Jersey reelected Chris Christie, undoubtedly believing he was a bi-partisan, moderate governor, who truly cared about the people of his state. He made a point of showing support for the president, when most in his party have focused on negative attacks and made up conspiracies. While it turns out that none of that was sincere, Governor Christie’s act worked to get him elected for a second term. Now voters are finding out the truth about Chris Christie, a governor who obviously cares about no-one but himself. Even as he played on the emotions of NJ voters following Hurricane Sandy, the evidence shows that Governor Christie coldly squandered relief funds, which were meant to help those impacted by the storm, just to get his own face on TV.

It is illegal to use public funds for campaigning. Beyond that, it’s beyond immoral to take money which was meant to help disaster victims rebuild their lives, and use it to make television commercials starring yourself. Here’s one of the $25 million dollar ads, paid for with hurricane Sandy relief money.

Here’s the video with Christie’s “Stronger than the Storm” ad: