Here’s Why Our Cold Winter Does NOT Prove Climate Change Is A ‘Liberal Hoax’ (VIDEO)

How To Make A Climate Change Skeptic Feel Stupid

Fifth graders can understand the simple concept of climate change. Weather events do not prove or disprove climate change. – Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons

Snow trolls in the midst of Icepocalypse 2014, laced up their boots, threw on an extra layer, and pulled on their warmest gloves in order to prove that the “liberal hoax” of “Global Warming” has done nothing except pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

But while the conservative skeptics are busy snow- trolling, (a yearly phenomenon coined by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes),  the real experts are conducting actual research on climate change that will one day be regarded as fact.

David Karowe, climate change expert at Western Michigan University says, “No single regional weather event proves whether climate change is real or not, the weather will vary under any climate. Climate change doesn’t eliminate the extremes.”

But should we really need an expert on climate change to tell us what we all learned back  in fifth or sixth grade?  Weather and climate do not mean the same thing. Perhaps the cynical Fox News Team missed that day of school? Perhaps they were taking a nap? Or maybe they were folding a love letter into a paper football?

National Education Standards say a fifth grader should understand climate change!

According to the National Science Education Standards, American youth should learn this distinction as early as fifth grade.

“Understanding and interpreting local weather data and understanding the relationship between weather and climate are important first steps to understanding larger-scale global climate changes.”

Yes, folks, it’s true. That is a direct quote, and you read it right, the actual words are in there: “climate changes”. Catching on to this idea isn’t even considered advanced thinking for school children. It is just a “first step”!

Now, take a look at how silly these grown-ups  sound:

Since this concept called climate change seems to be difficult for so many Right-Wingers to comprehend,  it seems clear that baby steps are needed to help explain.  Let’s go back to fifth or sixth grade for a moment.  We shall begin with science vocabulary.  “Climate is the sum of all statistical weather information that helps describe a place or region. Climate can be applied more generally to large-scale weather patterns in time or space (for example, an Ice Age climate or a tropical climate). To investigate how climate may be changing due to human influences, scientists use weather data from as far back as the historical record goes”

Karowe, the expert, states, “The evidence for climate changes is centered around long-term global trends versus individual, regional weather events.” What does this mean? What is he trying to tell us by recapping what we all should have learned in fifth grade? The point is clear: one cold blast of air cannot blow away years of scientific evidence. Weather and climate are simply not the same thing.

Scientists agree that human activity causes climate change.

Of course, Karowe is only one scientist. He could be wrong.  What do the other scientists have to say?  What have all the other scientists decided? Aren’t they bickering about this like biased newscasters?

Not so, according to Karowe, “Long-term records are indisputable that the climate is warming, and it is very likely that human activity is a primary cause,” and, “The debate on whether climate change is occurring is much more of a political controversy than an argument among scientists.”

He went on, “There is a large number of Americans who think there is quite a bit of disagreement among scientists about climate change, and that isn’t true — although that’s what people are told by the climate-change deniers. In fact,” Karowe said, “The consensus among scientists is incredibly strong.”

“There is much more resistance in the United States” to the science around climate change “than any other developed country,” Karowe added. “Citizens here are out-of-step with the international scientific community, no question about that. The U.S. public has had a harder time sorting the valid information and what is invalid.”

Oil bigwigs are actually funding the climate change skeptics!

But wait! We are Americans. We are supposed to know everything! Aren’t we supposed to be the leaders on the world stage of intelligence and knowledge?  Yet, so many people have spent long hours  trying to debunk what they believe to be a hoax. But, why? Why would anyone want to sound like they didn’t make it through the fifth grade?

Karowe suggests, “the American oil and gas industry has a big financial stake in preventing restrictions on fossil fuels, and they’ve funded conservative think-tanks and other organizations that promote skepticism of climate change. The fossil fuel industry has actively supported climate-change deniers,” clearly resulting in the spreading of,  “false information and misinformation about the science of climate change.”

So once again, we are reminded of another little gem that we all learned in fifth grade: Don’t believe everything you’re told.

Take a moment to enjoy Jon Stewart’s take on Icepocalypse 2014.