Anti-Gay Bigots Earn Open Laughter In Indiana State House Chamber (VIDEO)

Anti-gay atty. James Bopp testifies for IN same-sex marriage ban.

Supporters of Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban have some old, tired, and even twisted logic for their position, including calling opponents ‘intolerant.’ Photo of anti-gay Atty. James Bopp screen captured from video on Raw Story.

A speaker against marriage equality in Indiana doesn’t just favor a constitutional same-sex marriage ban, he called those who oppose it “intolerant.” Jim Bopp’s logic apparently goes like this: Opponents know the current law is vulnerable. They want to use that vulnerability to get what they want. If a constitutional amendment passes, that vulnerability goes away. That frightens them, so they don’t even want to listen to other viewpoints. Hence, they are intolerant.

Do Indiana residents still support a same-sex marriage ban?

Bopp, however, is apparently unaware of what residents of Indiana want. They don’t want to use the state’s constitution for a same-sex marriage ban. In November, a poll came out that said a full 58% of Indiana adults felt that way. Support was around 38%.

The gallery burst out laughing at Bopp’s remarks about intolerance. The truth about intolerance is that it uses our democratic system to push a narrow-minded agenda on the behalf of a minority. The number of people who oppose marriage equality is shrinking by the day, yet from how loud opponents are screaming, it’s easy to believe that their numbers are growing. That’s what these people want.

Other narrow-minded people spoke about preserving the “ideal” of marriage.

Others spoke alongside Bopp, claiming the usual nonsense about “the definition of marriage,” and that marriage is supposed to produce children. A same-sex marriage ban, they argue, would preserve the institution of marriage for those who would use it properly. The response to questions about straight couples who decide not to have children? Here it is:

“The only relationship that can naturally produce children is that between a man and a woman. There are situations where they may not want to have children, maybe they cannot have children. But the union of one man and one woman still furthers the ideal that children, when that happens, will be born into homes with a mom and a dad.” [SOURCE]

It furthers “an ideal.” One has to wonder about the ideal of freedom, then. These people, who also claim to believe in American freedom, should ask themselves why, in the home of the free, it’s okay to decide that one person is not equal to another based solely on who they are, when who they are is not hurting anybody else. It’s also not hurting society.

There are ever more legal challenges to same-sex marriage bans.

Furthermore, the legal challenges against same-sex marriage bans are increasing. The Supreme Court struck down Proposition 8 and DOMA back in June. A federal judge ruled that Utah’s same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled their same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. A New Jersey judge ordered that state to allow same-sex marriage this past fall. Governor Chris Christie tried to appeal, and then dropped it. Pennsylvania’s attorney general refused to defend their same-sex marriage ban back in July.

Most recently, a federal judge ruled that Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. Their ban was an amendment to their state constitution.

Yet, here is Indiana, considering putting their own same-sex marriage ban in their constitution. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, if the state finds itself in court if this passes. But to call people who oppose them “intolerant?” The intolerance is coming from those who have no real basis for keeping marriage equality from becoming a reality everywhere. They don’t like it. It makes them uncomfortable. So it must remain illegal. That is the attitude that is intolerant.

No wonder the entire gallery erupted in laughter after Bopp called his opponents intolerant.

Here’s the video from Raw Story.


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