Interview With Woman Held Hostage In Nevada Hotel For 6 Months (VIDEO)

Woman Held Hostage In Nevada Hotel For 6 Months, Speaks About Her Ordeal

Sheena Herschbach was held hostage by an ex-boyfriend, in a Nevada hotel, for six long months, here’s how she finally got away from Jason Greniger. – Polive Photo of Jason Greniger

Mesquite, Nevada police came to the rescue of a Minnesota woman who claims she was held hostage in Nevada hotel for 6 months. Sheena Herschbach claims her ex-boyfriend took her hostage in the state of California, where she was living at the time of the kidnapping. He then drove her to a Nevada hotel, where he kept her. Herschbach’s mother died of cancer, while she was being held captive.

Greniger was previously convicted of child abuse.

Herschbach had an active restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Jason Greniger. He had previously been arrested multiple times for violence against Hersbach and her children. He was on probation in the state of Minnesota, after being convicted of malicious punishment of child, under the age of 4 years old.

Herschbach and Greniger lived in St. Louis County Minnesota. In February on 2013 Herschbach gave birth to a baby girl, Kaylee Herschbach. A bulletin issued by the Hibbing Police Department on March 1, 2013, shows that authorities were searching for the couple, just months before Herschbach claims to have been held hostage by Greniger. The search was initiated over concerns for the safety of the couple’s new born daughter, Kaylee.

Information Bulletin by Hibbing Police Department

Greniger was a fugitive of justice before he took his ex hostage.

In an interview with the Desert Valley Times (DVT), Herschbach said that their two children were placed in foster care in Minnesota after Greniger abused them. The accusations were that he was kicking and punching the children. She also that she and Greniger moved to Desert Hot Springs California, where Greniger continued to abuse her. He was arrested in Riverside County, California on the abuse charges in May of 2013. Following this arrest, he was sent back to Minnesota, where he was to complete the rest of his sentence.

Greniger was released from custody in Minnesota and given a 5 year probation sentence, with strict terms. However, he fled the state and went back to California, where he then took Herschbach hostage. In an interview with KTNV News, Herschbach said she had been in fear of her life, as Greniger threatened to kill her if she tried to leave him. She also described severe abuse, being repeatedly hit and kicked, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness.

Herschbach escaped by using a library computer to contact her family.

She finally escaped her kidnapper by using a library computer to contact a family member, who then notified authorities of her whereabouts. Greniger is facing 2nd degree kidnapping charges, as well as fugitive from justice charges. He is scheduled to appear in Court on January 15th, 2014, in Mesquite, Nevada.

Watch KTNV News interview with Sheena Herschbach, following her 6 month ordeal.