This Tea Partier Has Ties To Terrorist Groups … And He’s Running For Governor (VIDEO)

Looniest Politician Ever Campaigning To Overthrow California Government

Has CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) has made it his goal to overthrow the government of California, and to hold onto that power with the threat of violence?

Has California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-33rd District) made it his goal to overthrow the government of California, and to hold onto that power with the threat of violence? That is one way in which his actions can be interpreted, anyway. In October he declared that he would work to recall his fellow politicians who voted against him in California’s state assembly over gun regulations, as you can see here.


Because he lost a vote, he now demands the political death of his opponents. He has also thrown his hat into the governor’s race, and is hoping to unseat incumbent Jerry Brown. Do realize, the recall elections will now be held apart from the general election. It would seem that he is preparing for a takeover of state government by bypassing the voters’ will.

Meet Tim Donnelly, father, husband, terrorist.

In checking Assemblyman Donnelly’s policy and platform page, a scary realization comes to the forefront. Words he uses, like claims that the people are “sovereign,” is the language one finds from the Sovereign Citizens domestic terrorist front.

Tim Donnelly is the leader for an organization affiliated with this front, the Minutemen. The Minutemen have a record of legal issues, including charges of murder against its members. Despite these ties, he remains an active member of this group.

Social media giving rise to new terror tactics.

The concern of Tim Donnelly ultimately is his disconnect from understanding civics. Proclaiming that citizens are above the law shows a gross distortion of how this nation, and his home state, are set up. According to the founding fathers, the US utilizes what is called “Popular Sovereignty,” a concept whereby the right to rule was a collective, not an individual right, and invested in to the people’s representatives.

Those who pursue this twisted idea of undermining the rule of law have turned to social media to get their message out. Those who call them out are attacked, using several social media websites. Their tactics include creating false statements using phony accounts to create what appears to be a legitimate, if anger-inducing, post. Then, the agitators post pictures of these posts to social media, along with personal information such as the address, phone number and job of the intended target. Even the author has been the victim from this form of attack, although in his case the agitator was incompetent, and not only misspelled his name, but got his address incorrect. What is worse than a terrorist? An incompetent terrorist.

Incorrect address resulting in incorrect Google Maps picture

This is not my house, but is the address which was given out.

An example of the kind of attack which can happen, where someone had made a fake account, and then posted hateful things elsewhere. As a result, the fake post was spread among hundreds of social media pages, with the result being that people were tricked into then attacking the legitimate page, in this case the popular satire page Barack Obama’s Werewolf Army. Here is an example of the kinds of responses this resulted in.
obamas_werewolf_armyWhile most people who view the original, fake, post would either ignore it, or post a message in response such as this person has, there is that small portion of the population who would take it one step too far. They could become lone wolf agentss. While individually, the responses would weigh to non-violent, as a collective, it is inevitable that, if fed enough of the right kind of rhetoric, someone, somewhere, will respond with violence. This has happened before, such as the death of Doctor Tiller, shooting of Gabby Giffords, the Okla. City bombing and the Boston Marathon Bombing. Even in his home state of California, there have been threats and violence which were, thankfully, thwarted. And it will happen again, to me, to the werewolf army. And the instigators just sit back and laugh at those who will take the fall.

Fed with a constant stream of lies, distortions, and propaganda, people wind up with a false view of the world. And fed this, a small minority act out, and hurt innocents.

Mr. Donnelly Has A Lot To Answer For To The People Of California.

From his positions which do not add up to his founding of a group with known ties to terrorists, he is going to need all of the testicular fortitude he claims to have. He is feeding the false rhetoric, pushing a bad set of civic values which our nation was not founded on. His ignorance of the Constitution can mislead voters within California into attacking their own best interest.

His affiliation with a group linked to terrorist activities and his platform which is blatantly anti-American call into question his place within California politics.

The real question is, do the people of California know of his positions, of his push to undermine the nation?

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