Execution ‘Experiment’ Goes Bad, Man Dies In 25 Minutes Of Agony And Terror

Execution 'experiment' gone bad: Man dies in 25 minutes of agony.

An execution experiment carried out by the state of Ohio, left the man alive and struggling for breath for a 25 minutes, as his family watched in horror. Image @ DailyCensored

On January 16, 2014, an execution experiment, carried out on a death row inmate by the state of Ohio, went very wrong. It dragged on for a full 25 minutes, while the inmate choked and gasped for air. The victim, Dennis McGuire, finally died in a last fit of fear and agony.

Experts had warned the state before the execution.

Attorneys for Dennis McGuire filed a motion to try to block the execution of the death row inmate, weeks before the state injected him with an experimental mix of drugs. During the hearing, experts testified that the mix of drugs could cause the man to suffer “agony and terror.” They also stated that if the drugs were used for the execution, McGuire would go through something called ‘air hunger,’ causing him extreme pain and suffering.

The state was determined to kill McGuire.

The state of Ohio chose to use the new method of execution, in spite of repeated warnings. The decision to use the untested mix of lethal drugs came after the manufacturer of the drug formerly used for state executions, declared it off limits for that purpose. This decision left the state of Ohio desperate to come up with a new way to perform executions.

McGuire’s pleas to Ohio’s Governor were coldly turned down.

McGuire pleaded with republican Governor John Kasich twice, asking him to grant a stay of execution. Records show that he wanted to be able to donate his organs, but Kasich turned down both of his requests.

He also filed a last minute appeal with the US Supreme Court, which the state of Ohio opposed. Instead, Ohio chose to deliver this cruel and unusual punishment, in the form of a never before tried mix of execution drugs.

The hypocrisy of republicans has never been more clear.

While republicans claim to be pro-life, they support the state executions. They also claim that the government is ‘evil’ and it ‘can’t be trusted’, yet they uphold the state’s right to kill people.

The state of Ohio, under GOP Governor John Kasich, chose to execute this man in a way that made him the only person to have ever experienced this type of punishment. That would make this man’s punishment both cruel and unusual. Yet the ‘constitution loving’ GOP didn’t see that this was a clear violation of his constitutional rights?

As far as the God fearing Christians of the GOP are concerned, the Bible says “Thou shall not kill.” Yet the right wing thinks that killing is a good punishment for killing. Because killing is wrong…

Yes, killing is wrong. It stands to reason, then, if it’s wrong, you shouldn’t do it. Nor should the state.

Ohio wasn’t always like this.

McGuire’s family watched in horror as he struggled for breath, choking and gasping, for almost a half an hour. Every plea made before his execution was coldly denied. Expert warnings about the mix of drugs the state was preparing to use were flatly ignored.

Attorneys for the family are preparing a suit against the state, which they will no doubt win. Until 1999, the death penalty was banned in the state of Ohio. It’s time for Ohio to get the republicans out of office again. Maybe then the people can they restore humanity and sanity within the state’s borders.