George Zimmerman’s Latest ‘Painting’ Gets Him In More Legal Trouble

George Zimmerman accused by AP photographer of copyright infringement.

George Zimmerman can’t even make a painting without getting into trouble. His latest problem? Accusations that he illegally copied someone else’s work. George Zimmerman with his painting and (inset) the AP photo of FL State Atty Angela Corey.

George Zimmerman can’t even make a painting without getting into trouble. His latest problem? An accusation that he illegally copied someone else’s photograph in his latest piece of “art.”

Zimmerman’s Artistic Attack On Prosecutor Corey Backfires

Zimmerman’s latest artistic endeavor is a painting of Florida prosecutor Angela Corey – the woman who brought the murder charges against Zimmerman. In his painting, Corey is shown making a gesture, commonly indicating a small amount, with the added caption, “I have this much respect for the American judicial system.” Zimmerman gave his painting the mocking title, “Angie.”

You may recall that Zimmerman’s last painting sold for more than $100,000 on eBay. But Zimmerman’s scheme to make a new pile of money at Corey’s expense is not quite working out as planned. In fact, it could wind up costing him.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

A photographer and news agency whose picture of State Attorney Angela Corey appears to be the basis for George Zimmerman’s latest painting spoke out on Friday, calling the artwork a clear copyright violation.

The photographer, Rick Wilson, is now being represented by Jacksonville attorney John Phillips. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Phillips said Zimmerman should expect legal action if he continues to use the photo.

… If Zimmerman moves forward with plans to sell the image, “the next step would be to, in conjunction with the AP, to file suit against him,” Phillips said.

Apparently, Zimmerman had big plans for his latest oeuvre. Yesterday, his brother, Robert Zimmerman, tweeted that “pvt offers” for the Corey painting had already been received and that “affordable prints” of the painting might be possible, too. A check of Robert’s Twitter feed just now showed no update on the painting.

It’s hard to think how Zimmerman could get any more hateful. This is the guy who shot and killed an unarmed teenager, got arrested for beating up his girlfriend, was accused of punching his father-in-law and molesting a cousin. And now he has stolen someone else’s image in order to stick it to a woman who dared to press charges against him.

I shudder to think of what he might do next.