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Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Are Not Criminals. Democrats Make Them Look That Way

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats unfairly targeting conservative criminals. Illustration of Rush Limbaugh smoking a cigar.

Rush Limbaugh goes off on Democrats, complaining that they are unfairly targeting Republicans and conservatives for criminal enterprise. Illustration cc 2011 Donkey Hotey via Flickr.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his radio broadcast that Republicans and conservatives are the targets of criminal investigations. It’s true. Republicans and conservatives are being arrested, indicted, investigated and in some cases convicted and jailed at an alarming rate in the public spectrum.

As Rush was broadcasting today the word came down that a once rising star, Ryan Loskarn, aide to Lamar Alexander, was found dead due from an apparent suicide. This following an arrest and grand jury indictment for child porn possession and distribution.

Rush didn’t bother to mention that one. But he did bring up Dinesh D’Souza. Who is in hot water over illegal campaign finance fraud. And, Bob McDonnell who was indicted for illegal money being funneled into the Governor’s mansion through inappropriate, unethical gifts that exceed triple the average working class citizen’s annual income. Oh, and Rush Limbaugh tiraded against subpoenas for Gov. Christie’s staff for “traffic jams.”

Today, I warmly quote Rush Limbaugh.

“The justice system as run by Democrats is trying to criminalize as many Republicans and conservatives as they can.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Rush Limbaugh’s misplaced quote. For a constitutional patriot and voice of the American public you would think he would have a better idea of how the justice system works. These conservative colleagues of Rush Limbaugh aren’t being painted with a scarlet letter with no more than speculation. Nope. These folks got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It just so happens that this time someone other than one of their own is counting the cookies.

Rush Limbaugh. High road or low road?

Rush Limbaugh could point out the hypocrisy of Republicans campaigning for a straight and narrow conservatism while breaking rules and laws. Or, Rush Limbaugh could point out that conservatives often use scripture and coddle to the faith based for support. And those same right wingers are subsequently caught breaking “God’s” law at the expense of the masses for short term personal gain. He could demand that Republicans walk their talk. And that the real problem with the Republican Party is both the message and the messenger. But he didn’t.

Rush Limbaugh blamed the system rather than the criminal. And was it because the system is broken? Hell no. He whined and complained because he sees this as a witch hunt. Rush Limbaugh didn’t stand up for truth, justice and the American way. Rush Limbaugh pointed the finger of blame at the prosecutors instead of those being prosecuted. And it has nothing to do with justice. It has everything to do with partisan politics. Republicans are great at politics. Rush Limbaugh is a master of rhetoric. But their policies suck and the runaround from Rush is as transparent as the accused’s crimes

Republicans. It’s the message AND the messengers.

Reince Preibus said today,

“I’ve said many times before that the policies and principles of our party are sound. However, as we look to grow the ranks of our party, we must all be very conscious of the tone and choice of words we use to communicate those policies effectively.”

You would think that the talking heads would shut up long enough to hear what each other are actually saying. The message is flawed. The messengers are scum bags. The whole thing is coming apart like the seams of Rush Limbaugh’s pants. Its hysterical.

The way we know nothing has changed within the party is that no one within the conservative movement takes responsibility for a damned thing. This isn’t Christie’s fault. This isn’t D’Souza’s fault. And it sure isn’t McDonnell’s fault. NO! This is Obama’s fault. Eric Holder is the evil right hand of an oppressive dictator. Just listen to the link above.

Forget that whole thing about winning elections or the due process that all accused are sharing. NO WAY! Rush Limbaugh said it, so it must be true. Democrats are ruining America. Regardless of those stupid fact things and evidence that lead to the accused like a trail of electronic bread crumbs. Forget all that.

Just the facts. By Rush Limbaugh.

The fact as Rush Limbaugh sees it is simple. Democrats are trying to make Republicans look like dishonorable criminals. Well, Rush, here’s the thing. You ARE dishonorable criminals. We don’t have to make you look that way. All we have to do is get the hell out of the way and let the people finally see it for themselves. Over and over again as Republicans lose their grasp on positions of power the curtain begins to fall on the once great and powerful Oz. Want to see more of it? I sure do. And you can rest assured that when it happens that Rush Limbaugh will be there to whine about it from his own little broadcasting cubicle.