Greta Van Susteren Is Latest Fox News Personality To Rip Erick Erickson Apart (IMAGES)

Greta Van Susteren Is Latest Fox News Personality To Rip Erick Erickson Apar

Greta van Susteren is the latest Fox News personality to rip Erick Erickson a new one for misogynistic comments about Wendy Davis, of Texas.


Greta van Susteren decided to rip colleague Erick Erickson a new one for his degrading comments about Wendy Davis. Erickson has called Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie,” since at least August. Van Susteren called Erickson a “jerk” who is “really lousy at being a spokesperson for his views.” She’s right; Erickson isn’t just abrasive. He’s misogynistic, he’s very backward in his thinking, and he just plain hates that women don’t fit the mold he thinks they should.

Erick Erickson loves using his Twitter feed to bash Wendy Davis.

One of Erickson’s tweets that had van Susteren so angry comes from Jan. 1. It said, “So Abortion Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken. No [sic] exactly the bio she claimed.”

Another tweet on Jan. 22 said, “I love how alpha male @WendyDavisTexas sounds when she’s angry.” (link for screenshot:


One on Jan. 21 said, “Wendy Davis is upset you want the truth and she can’t handle it. She’s so cute when she’s lying.”


So not only does he have a hate-on for Wendy Davis, but he’s also resorted to being a lowlife creep when talking about her.

Erickson decided to use his blog for both a backhanded apology to van Susteren, and more Wendy Davis bashing.

Of course, Erickson had his own rebuttal to this. He “thanked” her for shining a spotlight on Wendy Davis’ true self, and took to his website, RedState, to issue his backhanded thanks, and to tear Wendy Davis down some more. He wrote:

“I have helped define Wendy Davis by a moniker that sticks, describes, and makes her the butt of jokes, while drawing out the shrill hysterics of her supporters. And there’d be more supporters of hers except for her and her supporters declaring open season on people under 40 weeks of age.”

Erickson has proven he’s a jerk time and again. We really shouldn’t expect anything else.

Besides all of this, he compared the Democratic National Convention to “The Vagina Monologues” in a tweet. He apologized for offending people, but if he meant that, none of the rest of this would have happened.

After Texas’ abortion bill went through, he made a rude, uncalled for comment to liberals about where to buy coat hangers. He knows we liberals tend to reference the horrors of coat hanger abortions when talking about what we’ll go back to if abortions are 100% outlawed again. To joke about where to buy hangers for such dangerous purposes is, at best, insensitive.

Erickson also wanted to give a medal to a Dollar General employee for beating a child with a belt. The store’s security camera caught the employee hitting the child 25 times, because the child threw a cookie at her.

His female colleagues have also had it with him.

Greta van Susteren’s post isn’t the first time a female colleague has called Erickson out for being a Neanderthal jerk. Megyn Kelley jumped all over his case for this quote: “When you look at biology, when you look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. The female, it’s not antithesis, or it’s not competing, it’s a complementary role.” She was also unhappy with a post of his on RedState, which said that, when women are the primary breadwinners in a family, children get hurt.

Is it really any wonder, then, that Greta van Susteren thinks Erick Erickson is a misogynistic jerk? Even the women on Fox News are tired of his anti-women rants. Which, given Fox News’ position on nearly everything, is actually somewhat surprising.

And he’s still at it! Today, Erickson tweeted, “So Abortion Barbie ignores the Texas media for two weeks then goes on some channel called Fusion that no one has ever heard of? Nice.” Clearly, this is someone who doesn’t care that he’s one of the reasons the GOP can’t reach women.