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2nd Cheerios Ad With Interracial Family Aired For Super Bowl, Racists Rushed To Comment (VIDEO)

Americans 'Fall In Love' With Cheerios' Interracial Family, Haters Force YouTube Comments To Close

Americans love Cheerios’ ads with an interracial family. Racial hatred may have forced comments on the YouTube version to close, but that’s not who we are.

Cheerios has done it again. They made a second commercial, broadcast during Sunday’s Super Bowl, that featured the same adorable, interracial family that starred in last year’s version. Several days before the game was even played, however, comments on the ad’s YouTube version had to be closed due to virulent, racist remarks.

Americans proved they liked the first ad.

You know what? Too bad, racists. Get over it. The same thing happened on YouTube last May to the first commercial, called “Just Checking“. But the hatred didn’t win. Americans proved that the vast majority of us are above such ugliness. Ace Metrix, a firm that measures public response to commercials, quickly showed that of the six new Cheerios ads that came out last year, the “Just Checking” one got the highest scores for both attention and likeability.

“Just Checking” showed a young, biracial girl learning from her white mother that Cheerios are good for the heart. She then ran to her black father, napping on the sofa, and poured the cereal all over his chest. It’s a ‘heartwarming’ scene for those whose hearts are open to the love between father and daughter, and to the diversity that is America.

The new commercial, called “Gracie”, is the first time the Cheerios brand has ever run an ad during the Super Bowl. In this one, the father explains to his daughter that she will soon have a baby brother. The child’s response is both funny and savvy, as is the mother’s. You can see the video here:

Last Tuesday, Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Cheerios, spoke to the New York Times about the ad by phone. She said:

Like millions of Americans, we just fell in love with this family. The big game provided another opportunity to tell another story about family love.

The company’s ads intend to show that “there are many kinds of families, and we celebrate them all.”

The country celebrates diverse families right along with Cheerios.

By and large, Americans celebrate them all as well. Also on Tuesday, with the commercial already on YouTube and the comments disabled because of a vicious, miniscule minority of the population, “Gracie” had received 74,000 thumbs up and less than 3,000 thumbs down. Even more telling, perhaps, it had received nearly 5 million views.

With multiracial families becoming highly visible, like New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s, and individuals like President Barack Obama, whose mother was white and father was black, attitudes in this country are changing more rapidly than most of us may realize. A Gallup Poll released last July showed that 87% of Americans approve of black-white marriage, in comparison to only 4% in 1958.

One wouldn’t know it from the nasty, racist side of our country that has been too vocal and too visible for too long. But it’s not hate that wins in the long run. That’s just not who we are, at heart. Only 13% of Americans disapprove of interracial marriage, and the percentage that would express the blind hatred that was displayed in YouTube comments is even smaller than that.

So check out the video for yourself. Give it a big thumbs up, if you’re so inclined. Let’s scrub the vileness from our sullied reputation. Let’s demonstrate that it’s love that makes the world go round. And a big bowl of Cheerios may help.