Activist Moms Clash Over Viral Guns And Girl Scouts Photo (VIDEO)

Girl Scout cookies and assault weapons don't mix: Moms clash over guns.

‘One of the safest places’ to buy Girl Scout cookies? Girl Scouts fends off the latest PR nightmare, as a photo goes viral and two moms clash over guns. Girl Scout cookie booth photo by pro-gun activist Kathy Perkins via the Come and Take It Texas facebook page.

Does this look like “one of the safest places” to buy Girl Scout cookies, as a pro-gun wag claims on Twitter? A photo goes viral, two moms clash over guns, and Girl Scouts of America goes into spin-overdrive as it fends off the latest PR nightmare. It all started on Saturday Jan. 25th, at a pro-gun, open-carry march in Fort Worth, TX.

Kathy Perkins and her husband were hungry (defending our Second Amendment freedoms is danged hard work — those assault rifles are really heavy!), and just happened to pass by a Girl Scout cookie booth. While buying a box of Peanut Butter Patties (AKA Tagalongs), they struck up a nice chat with the girls in the booth and had someone snap a photo.

The photo went viral, sparking both outrage and support.

Outraged mom takes guns and Girl Scout cookies photo viral.

Somehow, the photo of the Girl Scout cookies booth with the smiling girls and gun-toting freedom fighters wound up on the pro-gun Come and Take It Texas facebook page. Then, gun safety activist and mom Shannon Watts from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America got hold of it the next morning, and tweeted to her 4,103 followers:

Shannon ‏@shannonrwatts Jan 26.
#ThinMints & assault weapons? Shame on #Texas #GirlScouts for allowing. Take action @girlscouts #momsdemand #gunsense

Some folks agreed with Watts about the guns and Girl Scout cookies combo, and were appalled.

@UPPastryPlate Jan 26
@shannonrwatts what is the @girlscouts official position about armed guards selling its cookies? #gunsense

Others thought guns and Girl Scout cookies are two great things that go great together.

Defenseless=Nonsense @soderstromkJan 26
That’s among the safest places to buy GS cookies there could be… @gemssim Maybe gluten free ;) @LLLGeorge @shannonrwatts

Among the safest places to buy GS cookies there could be? Now, I’m really scared. Meanwhile, Girl Scouts of America blandly chirps:

Girl Scouts ‏@girlscouts Jan 27
There’s more to the #cookiebiz than what’s in the box. A #cookieboss learns more than you’d ever imagine: 

Photos of Shannon Watts and Kathy Perkins

Gun safety activist Shannon Watts (L) from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America posted angry tweets about the guns and Girl Scout cookies photo. Pro-gun activist Kathy Perkins (R) claims her photo was innocent. From Come and Take It Texas and Moms with Guns Demand Action.

Fox News ‘reports’ on the guns and Girl Scout cookies photo.

The local “fair and balanced” Fox News station did an interview with Kathy Perkins to get her side of the Guns and Girl Scout cookies story. Fox 4 reporter Brandon Todd makes it clear what side he’s on, while burbling about how it all seemed “very innocent to those involved, but when it was posted to facebook and went viral, that innocence was gone.”

Perkins faces the camera and tells the audience:

“We were hungry, and my husband bought a box of peanut butter chocolate cookies. And we enjoyed those as we just kind of talked with the girl scouts.”

Todd adds that Perkins and her friend were in the Come and Take It Texas march, and explains in a hardly-neutral-way that CATI “lawfully arms themselves in defense of the second amendment, and often exercises their rights publicly.” Todd then goes on — in his fair and balanced way — about how the gun-toting Perkins had a “great conversation with the girls, all about the things they had in common, and then …”

Perkins wraps up her story about her lovely interlude with the girls at the Girl Scout cookies booth:

“After we had this conversation, we said, ‘can we take a picture,’ and after I took the picture, I texted it to the woman at the table, who asked for a copy of it, and we went on our way.”

Meanwhile, Girl Scouts spokeswoman Maria Gregoria tells Todd, “we did not endorse this, we did not know about this.” She also explained how Girl Scouts of America has strict rules about how troops cannot promote other groups or products while selling Girl Scout cookies. Gregoria also said the Girl Scouts organization is “working with” the troop leaders and adults who were in charge of that booth. It is not clear whether she means they’ll be worked with sharply or sweetly.

Here’s the video from Dallas-Fort Worth Fox News 4:


Towards the end, our ‘fair and balanced’ news ‘reporter’ adds that Perkins now feels “worried” that the troop got itself in trouble over the picture. Maybe she should have thought of that before taking her AR-15 Heavy Barrel to a photo-op at a Girl Scout cookies sales booth. Oops.

But Fox News didn’t tell the whole story about the photo.

A bit of research reveals that Kathy Perkins is not just some random AR-15 heavy barrel gun-toting woman who enjoys munching on Girl Scout cookies while defending our freedom. In a statement from Perkins to a Texas-based legal blog, she reveals herself as a mom and activist — like Shannon Watts — only Perkins runs a pro-gun group called Moms with Guns Demand Action.

Nor does it seem like Perkins just took an innocent photo, as she claims. She made danged sure that the Come and Take It Texas (CATI) logo appeared in the photo, right above the girls in the Girl Scout cookies booth. One also has to wonder what on earth that Girl Scout cookies booth was doing right, smack under that CATI logo, or why the adults in charge of the booth allowed these young girls to have their pictures taken with a heavily-armed known local pro-gun activist. Maybe they’re members of Come and Take It Texas too.

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